Happy mothers day greetings and happy mothers day messages

38 The job of a mother is so stressful. You need to wake up in the morning to look after the kids. You need to bath them and cook for them. You need to watch over them and teach them the way of the lord. In this job of a mother, there is no resignation. The moment one becomes a mother, then she has picked up that job automatically. Funny enough, women are not celebrated as much as they are supposed to. But for you mom, I will celebrate you because you deserve to be celebrated. I am so glad that God created you to be my mom and for this I wish you happy mothers day! I love you

39 Thank you for everything you have ever given me. Thank you for the things that you are yet to give me. Thank you for being my mother and my friend. Happy mothers day mom!

40 Dear Mom

When no one understood me in this world, you came and listened to me. You were there always when I needed you and I cannot just thank you enough for being the woman in my life. You are that perfect combination of a mother, sister and friend. Happy mothers day mom! I value you

41 I love my mom
You are the mother of many nations
Through you I learned what it is to love and be loved
Through you I learned how to listen and be listened to
Through you I learned how to be patient and kind
Though you I learned how to forgive and be selfless
Through you I learned how to support the needy
You are the perfect epitome of a great woman
And on this I want to wish you
Happy mothers day
You are the best woman to ever grace the face of the earth

42 Your presence in my life brightens my day like the rising of the sun
Your heart is made of pure gold because you are rich in joy and happiness
We have had our fair share of life travails together
We have laughed, chuckled, giggled, cried, and played!
I love you so much mom
And I pray to God that I will not lose you soon
You will stay on this earth for as long as God wants you to.
Happy mothers day to a sweet mother
I love you always
Your daughter

43 My dear mom
Your presence in my life lights my day like the rainbow of different colours
Your presence in my life made me understand how life can be a fairytale with dreams and not nightmares
Your presence in my life made me see how you can love without any grudge
You cared for me so much that I thank God everything for the privilege to have you as my mom
I will forever love and appreciate you the all you have done for me
Your care and tender warm hugs I will never forget because they all showed me how it to love
And love selflessly
You are the best mother ever
And I wish you a happy mothers day mom
You are simply the best

44 Silver or gold I have non mom! Flowers or diamond wristwatch I do not have as well, but I send you all my love and support from here, and I pray that you will never have any cause to regret staying on this earth for all of us. Happiness will be yours in all ramifications and as you continue to live a godly and amazing life. God will make you healthy to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Happy mother day to a sweet mother.

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