45 Mom,
Today I will say it once again
You mean so much to me
How I wish I could find the right words to tell you
How much I appreciate you
How much I respect you
How much I value you
How much I adore you
Because you are simply a great woman
You are simply God on the face of the earth
I love you forever mom
Happy mothers day to you
Be your days be filled with peace, and joy!

46 The supermom for a tiny hero like me
The superhero that has come to make our world better
The mother who has always protected her children with her magic hands
She scares all danger away simply be raising her voice
She is special in such a unique way
You have never for once disappointed and you have always
stood up to support and be with your children
You are such an amazing mother
And today I want to tell you that I will love you mom till the very end
Because you deserve it!
Happy mothers day to you mom
I love you

47 I just realized how indeed privileged I am to have such an remarkable woman like you as a mother. I am so thankful for having a great mom who has always looked out for me as a mom. On this special day of mothers. I want to wish you a happy mothers day! You deserve the best mom. Go for the stars!

48 I may not truly understand the extent of what you have done for me. I may not truly know the length of how you have gone to be a breadwinner when dad was not alive. All I know is that you stood strong and supported me through basic school to college. I knew how you struggled to ensure that I went to school and become a better person for who I am today. You are an amazing mother and I am so happy to have been your son! I will never forget you mom. You are truly distinct in your own way. Your difference as a mother made all the difference. Happy mothers day! I love you.

49 When prosecutions, falls upon us and everyone seemed to flee. The care and support of my mother was unwavering. When the society thinks that it is the end of the world and nothing good can come out of us, the prayers of the mother kept us going. Dear Mom, I may not seem to have the right words to tell you how much you mean to me, I may not seem to have the money to buy you the whole world. But know this mom, I will always love and appreciate you for being the best mom ever. I will always pray for you just as you have prayed for me! You are the best mom ever and I need you to know that always and forever. Happy mothers day mom. May God bless you!

50 A special day of the year where all mothers are celebrated. A special day for thanking all the mothers in the world for being so special and amazing. To all the mothers in the world. I wish them a happy  others day!

Happy Mothers day 2017

51 Another year s here again and thank God you are still here mom! I pray that your life continue to remain a story for all of us. Happy mothers day 2017 mom!

52 The mothers day in 2017 is here and I want to use this opportunity to with the best mom in the world a happy mothers day. I am lucky to have you as an incredible mom and I truly value all the life lessons that I have learned from you. You have taught me how to be kind and to support others when they are weak. Thank you for everything sweet mom. Happy mothers day 2017.

53 Mother oh Mother, The mothers day 2017 is with us again. Thank you for giving me life and thank God for making you my mom. God has given me the most amazing woman in this world as a mother and I will never stop thanking you for this. I wish I could string up all the words to repay you for all your efforts over me and my life. You have made me a better man by constant admonition and by telling me never to give up on my dreams. Thank you for being my mother. Happy mothers day 2017.

54 Good woman and good mothers are hard to come by. You are a good woman and I love you so much. Happy mothers day 2017 mom.

55 Your love is unconditional. A love I have come to value and love as well. You are one mother apart from all mothers. You are God sent to earth. Happy mothers day 2017 mom!

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