Happy Mothers day text messages and happy mothers day sms

21 Of all the women in the world. You are the world’s greatest mom. Happy mothers day to you!

M – You are one in a million
O – You are one like no other
T – You loved me a thousand times
H  – You have a heart that is like no other
E – You live an exemplary life
R – You are the best among the rest

You are truly a good MOTHER. Happy mothers day to you!

23 I never could have imagined another mother deal with me and my stupid behavior the way you have dealt with me. I am so privileged to have you as a mom. Happy mothers day mom! I love you!

24 Today is the day I am wishing you all the joy, contentment and happiness that you deserve. Happy mothers day mom. You are truly inspiring!

25 You have loved me from my wean days. You have supported me up till now and you have been the best gift ever for me. Happy mothers day to my sweet mother. God bless you for giving birth to me mom!

26 Hello Mom. I just want to say thank you for giving birth to me. My Mom, I just want to say thank you for never giving up on me. Hi mom, thank you for never giving up on me! Happy mothers day

27 You are so different in a unique way sweet mother. I promise to send my future wife to come learn from you mom. Happy mothers day. You are simply the best

28 may this day be filled with all the blessings of God and all other happiness that cokes with it. You are brought me so much happiness and shown me there is more to life than just loving a child. You just must give all to make the child responsible. Happy mothers day mom. You are irreplaceable!

29 Mom, have I ever told you how much I love you in recent times? If I haven’t mom, now is that time to tell you that I really love you. Happy mothers day mom, I love you so much ma’am!

30 Dear Mom, you will always be the first and the last in my life. Happy mothers day

31 You have always been my first love mom and you will always be my last. You have taught me so many things and I just feel so appreciative for me. Thank you, mom, for always being with me in thick and thin. You are simply the best and I love you. Happy mothers day ma.

32 I admire you each passing day. Not because you have remained beautiful over the years but because of the impression you have made in my life. You are truly special mom. Happy mothers day car

33 You have been so caring and knowledgeable. You have shown me that there is more to life than just loving and trusting. Life is more like empathizing and being selfless. I appreciate you mom. Happy mothers day. WoW!

34 To the best woman ever. Someone who has shown me how it is to be awesome. Some who has made me realize how easy it is to share your feelings and confusion in life. Someone who truly showed me that even in the unholiest of hours, she is ready to listen to whatever it is that I must say. You are indeed a precious gemstone to me mom! I love you for ever! Happy mothers day.

35 You have been strong for me mom. You are the true inspiration that everyone should learn from. Anytime I stare at you, I feel so happy and grateful for having a truly special woman like you. I want to make a confession today mom. If it had not been for you. I doubt if I would have been able to be like this, in my life. You have made yourself available to guide me in everything I do. I would not have turned out this way if it was not for you! You are the best woman ever mom! Happy mothers day!

36 I am amazed mom. As to how you found the figure and determination to mould me to become a better man. I am surprised mom that you will find that strength to show me that what a man can do, a woman can do even better. You advised me not to ever give up on my dreams. You were a doctor, a lecture and a psychologist. How come? You are truly special in your own way. Thank you mother for everything. Happy mothers day!

37 Being a mother is a tough job. I asked all the mothers there and all they did was smile and ask if I still have a mom, which I responded in the affirmative. They, then told me to  value and respect her, and make sure I thank her always that it was me in this world and not anyone else. I never really thought much of what they said being years ago, but now I have come to realize what they mean by appreciating my mom. I appreciate you everyday mom for doing wonders in my life. I just want to thank you for everything and for the part you have played in making me a man. Gosh, you are the best mom! Happy Mothers day to the most amazing woman to ever exist in this life. I love you!

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