Have you celebrated your mother in recent times? You really need to. You should not only celebrate your mom alone infact, you should celebrate all the ladies around you who will soon be mothers. It is time for you to make that mother feel so blessed and special. It is time that you honour and recognise the mother who you know and love.

See what you need to do?

First of all is that you place a call to your mother, friend or that lady you really want to wish a happy mother’s day! A celebratory call will do just fine. This is one of the greatest way to make the mother happy and feel relevant. Not only that, you can also wish her well and pray for the best gifts of life for her! This will make her feel happy and pray for you as a son, daughter, friend or colleague!

Then you can decide to send our beautiful collections of happy mothers day messages and mothers day text messages to show her that you love her and are happy to celebrate mothers day with her!

Remember that your mother is that one person who will give up everything in order to make you happy and ensure that you grow up in the best trained way as possible. Wish her a happy mothers day! – DeeDee

Sweet happy mothers day messages that you should send to your mother

1 Sweet Mother, you are the best person ever. You have been my teacher, my lecturer, that one person that taught me how to grow in wisdom and understanding God and what is happening around me. I celebrate you today being the mothers day and I want to wish you happy mothers day.

2 Your love has been my fuel. The gas I press that has catapulted me into greatness and fulfillment of my dreams. I bless and appreciate God for the day you have birth to me Mom. Happy mothers day!

3 You taught me to love and wake up seeing love. You taught me how to be strong even when I face a lot of troubles. You have supported me through all my life’s travails. Happy mothers day mom!

4 You are my living miracle. You are the best gift to live Mom. Happy mothers day. I love you!

5 You are God’s gift to earth. When God said he was everywhere, he meant he was everywhere in you. You are the best mother ever! Happy Mothers day to the best mom in the world. I love you mom!

6 Nobody ever thought being a full time mom could be the best thing ever, but growing in your warm embrace is the best feeling ever. You should exemplary skills even as a woman and I really want to thank God for giving me you! Happy mothers day mom, you are simply the best.

7 All that I was, and all that i am right now have been through you mom. You prayers and words of encouragement kept me going. Happy mothers day to the best mom in the world. May God bless and keep you mom. Happy mothers day!

8 You tenderness taught me how to value life and love. Your warm cuddle how to be warm and kind. I appreciate all the values you have instilled in me mom. Congratulations on your day. Happy Mothers day to the most amazing mother in the world. You are simply beautiful in your ways.

9 You are the rock that I lean on when everything becomes so terrifying. You showed me how to pray and ask for God’s support anytime of the day. I bless the day you gave birth to me mom. Happy mothers day to you!

10 Your prayers have been immense and they have been my shining light all the way. I can not simply thank you enough for how you have fasted and prayed for me to be successful in life. You worked so hard to ensure that I get the best of everything I could ever wish and hope for. Happy mothers day mom, you are simply irreplaceable! I love you

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