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Happy Ramadan Text Messages: Happy Ramadan To All Muslims

happy ramadan text messages

10. Have a blessed Ramadan

Make sure your face is projected towards the Holy Mosque
Wherever you find yourself, look up to the heavens and pay your obeisance
To the Almighty God who created me and you
Have a blessed Ramadan

11. Blissful Ramadan is yours

As soon as the moon is sighted
So is the holy month of Ramadan welcome us
May the almighty God bless you with all the goodies you deserve
And gift you a peaceful and exciting year in all ramifications
Have a blissful and spirit-filled Ramadan

12. Happy Ramadan to you

Walk proudly
Talk sympathetically
Dress customarily
Treat others courteously
Pray thoughtfully
May God be with you and your family in this holy period
Happy Ramadan to you and your family

13. Happy Happy Ramadan

Dear Family

The next 30 days will see you abstain from food, drink.
The period for eating as much as you want and like is over
It is Ramadan, thank you!
Happy Ramadan

14. May Ramadan Bring you your heart desires

As we start the Fajar azan
And we commence the fast in the holy month of Ramadan
I pray that God fill your life with happiness
And your home be blessed with all the good things of life
And more of your heart desires
Happy Ramadan

15. May God be with you this holy month

Your month of tremendous blessings is here
Please forgive those that have hurt you
And commit their ways onto the hands of God
Be chaste in your attitude and opinions
And God will bless and guide everything and everyone around
Have a happy Ramadan
May God be with you!

16. May God bless you in this Ramadan

The month of the almighty is here
The month of the most-high who blesses and supports us whenever and wherever he wants to
This is the time for you to commit yourself to him
And pray for forgiveness of sins
This is the time to put your complete trust in God
And he will bless and be with you in all your ways
Happy Ramadan to you and your family

17. Ramadan is here for you again

Let everything that has breathe praise God
Let all our souls be lifted high into the heavens
Let your prayers ascend into the heavens
And the Almighty God accepts your prayers and
Bless you every step of the way
Happy Ramadan

18. My Ramadan wishes to you and your loved ones

I wish you and your loved ones
All the blessings and goodness
that comes with Ramadan
Happy Ramadan to you and yours
Good tidings

19. May your Ramadan be blissful

Happy is the one who God blesses
Contented is the one who God provides for
Privileged is the one who lives under the glory of God
Protected is the one who God loves with his heart
I hope you enjoy all the privileges that come with being the child of God
Happy Ramadan to you

20. I wish you a blessed Ramadan

I wish you a blessed 30 days of Ramadan
An amazing 4 weeks of Barkat
30 days of peaceful prayers
720 awesome hours of peaceful living
43200 beautiful minutes of true reflection in peace and prosperity
And 2592000 seconds of harmony and opulence
Enjoy the holy month of Ramadan
May God be with you

21. Happy Ramadan to you and yours

I pray that God’s divine holiness rubs off on you
I pray that he showers his blessings on you and your family
Like heavy pestles of rain this beautiful Ramadan season
Make sure you go through the Holy Quran
And recite if need be all the time
And I am sure that the Almighty will bless you
More than you ever imagined
Happy Ramadan

22. Have a rich and spirit-filled Ramadan

The holy month for fasting and prayers
And abstinence from all the earthly pleasures have arrived
The moment to pray and praise the almighty God throughout the day is here
The moment where you need to fast from dusk to dawn is upon us
The moment to pay zakah for those that needs our charity is here
Please remember the poor and needy at this trying times
May God richly bless you as you richly bless others
Happy Ramadan to you and your family

23. Your time of blessing is here

As the mountain goes high up into the sky
So shall your blessings be filled right up and flying like a kite
As the sunshine washes us in all of its glory
So shall the beauty of the almighty envelope us in bright sunshine
As the air breathe life into us every day
So shall the almighty God breath eternal life into us all days of our lives
Happy Ramadan to you and family
May the blessings of God never depart from your house.

24. May God bless you this year

He takes the darkness away from us
And gives us all the light we would require for the rest of our lives
he takes all the bitterness away from us
And gives us all the sweetness that could last us forever
He takes all the nightmares away from us
And give us beautiful dreams of an amazing tomorrow
He takes death away from us
And gives us life so that we can live eternally!
Happy Ramadan to you and family
May God bless you every step of the way.

25. On this holy month of Ramadan

On this holy month of Ramadan, I am wishing you the very best of all of God’s blessings, days of prosperity, weeks of gracefulness in all that you do. I know you have worshiped God in spirit and in truth. It is your turn to be blessed. Happy Ramadan to you and your family.

26. Welcome to the month of Ramadan

I want to welcome you to the month of Ramadan. A month where we cast all our burdens into the hands of the almighty God because we are sure he is going to bless us and answer all our prayers. May this holy month of Ramadan open the doors you have so much craved for, for you. Happy Ramadan

27. The purifying month of Ramadan

This is a purifying month. A month where we all get to ask for blessings from the almighty God. A month where we get to purify ourselves away from the sin of the world. It is time for multiple reflection and sincere obeisance to the almighty! Happy Ramadan!

28. The Month of Ramadan is upon us

As the month of Ramadan comes upon us, I pray that the beautifully lighted moon will provide a light unto our path at this sacred period, and the blessings of God never departs from our house in the day and in the night. Happy Ramadan to you and your household.

29. The month of happiness is here

May this period of Ramadan push the peace of the heaven down to us on earth. May the festivity bring us happiness and may the light from the almighty brighten our ways and light all our paths today and forever. Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

30. A blessed Ramadan is here

As you fast and say your prayers to God today, may you find all the answers to all your desired prayers. Have the most blessed and most spirit filled Ramadan.

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