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Happy Ramadan Text Messages: Happy Ramadan To All Muslims

happy ramadan text messages

31. Ramadan is the month of Kindness

As we commence the month of Ramadan, let others see the spirit of a true and devoted Muslim that you are. Speak respectfully, treat your neighbours with all the kindness that is expected if a true devoted Muslim. Happy Ramadan to you and yours.

32. The peace that comes with Ramadan

The period of the year is on us again. It is time to deeply reflect on our true substance and Muslims, and see how we can repent from all our sins and things we have done wrong. I pray that you find all the peace that your heart desires in this Ramadan season. May you be blessed. Happy Ramadan to you!

33. The Ramadan month of illumination

I pray that your soul is illuminated today, I pray that your spirit is lighted up today. I pray that you receive the purification that your soul desires. Wishing you a blessed and a happy Ramadan. Just believe in your heart that you are blessed and with proper prayers and supplications, you will be blessed.

34. Pray for Righteousness

The first thing you need to do in this holy month of Ramadan is to wash from all sins that have met you on your way to righteousness, then silently pray to God for the forgiveness of sins and all your prayers will be answered. Happy Ramadan to you, your family and friends.

35. The month of Ramadan washes away all sickness

I pray that all the sickness in your body leaves you in this holy month of Ramadan. All the sickness that has so left your body leaves your body forever. It is the holy month, the month of physical and spiritual cleansing. God has cleansed you already. Have the faith and all will come to prosper. Happy Ramadan to you!

36. The Ramadan period is upon us

Ramadan is the period where all the antics of the evil one is brought to fore, and God rules over the earth and all the thing therein. In this holy month of Ramadan, I pray that all the plot of the evil one will not come to pass in your life. Happy Ramadan!

37. Multiple blessings in this holy month

In this holy month of Ramadan, peace will be yours. In this holy month of Ramadan, prosperity will be yours. In this holy month of Ramadan, you shall never lack anything good. You shall receive multiple blessings from God in this holy month of Ramadan. All that is yours will be yours. Happy Ramadan to you!

38. Happy Ramadan to you and yours

In this holy month of Ramadan, everything that relates to depression will be overtaken by happiness in all ramifications. Everything that relates to sadness will be overtaken by pure joy. You will enjoy the grace of God in everything that you do. Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

39. The blessings of God this Ramadan

The blessings of God will always be on us in the world where we have come to start a journey. I pray that he infuses the courage you need to get through the travails of life. I pray that he supports you from this moment henceforth. The grace of the Almighty is upon you this Ramadan season. It is your turn to shine and shine you must!

40. The gift of happiness

As we commence this Ramadan season. Open your palms wide to accommodate the multitude of blessings that will come your way. The gift of happiness and utterly pure joy will serenade you this beautiful season of Ramadan.  Have you started claiming it already? Happy Ramadan!

41. God’s overwhelming blessings this month

I speak into your life this Ramadan, that God will guide you through this amazing period of Ramadan. I pray that this Ramadan period gives you the courage to start and finish your journey in God. You will never have any reason to backslide and the grace of God will overwhelm everything you do! Happy Ramadan.

42. Open door of blessings this Ramadan

As you open the door of Ramadan this season, the door of blessings and grace is opened to you. As you open the door of Ramadan this season, happiness is waiting for you right by the door to embrace you forever. Happy Ramadan.

43. Time for you to celebrate

It is time for you to celebrate and cheer up because the season we have all been waiting for is here. Make sure you love and respect, neighbours, family and friends, and prayed in the sacred way that is expected of you. Then you will receive the blessings from Allah. Much that is expected from you in fact. Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

44. God’s protection from evil this Ramadan

May God protect you from all form of evil this Ramadan period and forever. Happy Ramadan!

45. The blessings of FAJR, ZUHR, ASAR, ISHA and MAGHRIB

FAJR is the great beauty worker as it helps with beauty, ZUHR helps with income increment, ASAR improves health, ISHA helps us sleep peacefully, MAGHRIB helps provide a good future for the children. So shall it be for you in this Ramadan season. Happy Ramadan to you and yours.

46. My Ramadan prayer for you

My prayer for you today is that you revel in the happiness of Allah, smile according to the blessings of Allah, and be guided in all your ways, through every distance, that your wealth increases as you have asked. May this season grant you the paradise that you have craved for. Happy Ramadan

47. Joy unspeakable this Ramadan

Wait for me, as I am coming to your house to dole out the gifts that God has given me this Ramadan, this gift is not for me alone, so it’s okay if I share. Happiness, success, riches and joy unspeakable is what I am bringing with me. Just wait by your door, in total acceptance. Happy Ramadan to you and yours.

48. An amazing month is yours already

I wish you the most amazing 1 month of Ramadan, 4 blissful weeks of Barkat, 30 days of undiluted joy, 720 hours of God’s upliftment, 43200 minutes of unrequited forgiveness, 2592000 seconds of peace and contentment this Ramadan season. Happy Ramadan to you and your family.

49. Hey friend stop!

Now is not the time to take food, your time is up. Now is when you need to be pure and chaste physically and spiritually to receive the blessings of Allah. Ensure that you fast in spirit and in truth for the next 30 days as your blessings are on the way already. Do not be a hindering block to your blessings. Happy Ramadan.

50. My today Prayer

My prayer for you today is that
Happiness stay close to your front door,
May it knock gently and early in your house
May it stay with you throughout the period of this Ramadan
And forever as you have requested for happiness from God
All of this and more wishes will be your portion
Believe it and receive it
Happy Ramadan

51. May God resolve all your hurdles this day

May God resolve all your hurdles this Ramadan, be it spiritual and physical. May God answer all your prayers just as you have asked. May God provide responses to those that you may need and have not asked this Ramadan. It is your time to shine. Happy Ramadan to you and family.

52. Blissful Ramadan

I wish you the most blissful, spirit-filled and peaceful Ramadan
May Allah receive all your gifts of love and devotion.
May he forgive you of all your iniquities
May he soothe your soul and provide the rest that you need to conquer this sinful world.
Happy Ramadan to you and yours.

53. The blessings of God this season

The blessings of God will fill your life with happiness, and open all closed door of success. May God support through all through the hurdles of life. May he prepare for his glory in this world and the world beyond. Happy Ramadan to you. Good tidings to you and family!

54. Eid Mubarak

You have been bestowed the bouquet of good manners
You have given a vase of bountiful blessings
You have been awarded a parachute of overflowing joy
This and many more will God award you for completing the Ramadan
Happy Ramadan, Eid Mubarak

55. My Ramadan love and joy to you

With all the love and joy that a text message can provide, I am sending you my robust wishes of joy and intense happiness this beautiful Ramadan season. All of this sums up as this Eid will signal the beginning of the most amazing gifts of God in your life. Happy Ramadan Fam. God be with you!

56. I am sending you flowers

With my bouquet of rose
And my bucket filled with water from the throne of grace
Lights that is brought down from the heavens
The guidance of the holy angels
I bring with me as I wish you a prayer filled and answered prayer Ramadan
Remember to worship God with all that you have
And multiple blessings will be yours
Happy Ramadan

57. The reason for the season

May the blessings of Ramadan bring you happiness. May your life be a true representation of the almighty God. May you have every reason to celebrate with family and friends. May the joy of Ramadan never depart from you this holy period and when is time for Eid, may all of you never be found wanting. Happy Ramadan to all of you!

58. Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair

Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair! May the Ramadan meet you in good health. Sickness will never be your portion in this holy season> may you find every reason to be grateful and be thankful. Happy Ramadan from me to you! Good tidings

59. Helpful period of Ramadan

I pray that you find this beautiful period of fasting helpful. I pray that your mind, soul and spirit is cleared to accept all the goodies that God has in stock for you! Happy Ramadan!

60. The season of spirituality

When you fast, you prepare yourself spiritually for all the evil that may want to come your way. Fasting avails one the opportunity to fight adversity physically and spiritually. With faith, and the right spiritual conscience, you get the power to deal with whatever life has in stock for you! Happy Ramadan to you and your family.

61. It is not a hunger strike

Do not see a fast as a hunger strike. Ramadan is never about that, Ramadan gives us the opportunity to move closer to God through prayers. Ramadan allows us to chastise and sanctify ourselves to be ready to receive the blessings of God. I know that you are ready for the blessings of God this Ramadan. Happy Ramadan to you and everyone around you!

62. The month of harmony and gladness

As you commence the fasting and offer your prayers to God, may you find all the harmony and gladness of a peaceful and spiritual Ramadan. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family. God be with you in all your ways.

63. The time of the year

The time of the year is upon us. The month where we all get to repent of all our iniquities and turn our life and ways to the almighty. As you do this in this holy month, May God bring you the peace and the strength to follow through with what Ramadan brings. I hope you receive the immense blessings of God in this holy season. Happy Ramadan to you.

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