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How to Tell Him You Love Him Without Saying it

how to tell him you love him without saying it

How to tell him you love him without saying it: I am excited for you! You know why? Because you have found love (or potential) of love and you are looking for how to tell him you love him without saying it.

Finding love and someone to love is really a big deal, trust me. In a world filled a lot of gold digging filled relationships and everyone trying to be fast about hitting and running on a guy or girl, finding love seemed to be far-fetched. But here you are with love in your heart for that one guy that makes it race so fast! Congratulations once again darling!

Saying that you LOVE him is another big deal too. You need to be sure that this is how you feel, not just how you feel but how genuine your love is. As mentioned in my earlier posts, there is a thin line between infatuation and love, therefore you need to be sure that you are into the man that makes your heart skip.

While I will not take away the fact that you love him from you, you need to check these situations first before I can even think of advising you on what to do!

Are you obsessed with him? 
Are you just in love with him when he is around you?
Do you just feel this intense and sexually passionate feeling towards him?
Are you jealous when you see other girls around him?

If you feel any of these attributes then maybe there is just that need for you to relax and check yourself a bit more before you conclude that you are really in love with him. Trust me, those signs I mentioned above are not signs that you really love your man. We need to be clear on that first!

Now that we have checked that out, I also want to ask you these questions and confirm if you feel any or all of them:

Are you very realistic about his personality knowing he is filled with flaws that you can deal?
Are you completely you whenever you are around him, no pretense?
Do you imagine a better tomorrow with him, whether or not he is financially stable?
Do you feel proud talking about him to YOUR FRIENDS?
Do you like him more than just his physical features and attributes?

If you feel positive towards the attributes I mentioned above, then maybe we can really have a dig at it! Maybe, just maybe you are in love with him

Why you should let him know that you love him

1. He probably has no idea that you like him

No matter how nerve-wracking it seems to you, you need to do it for yourself in the first place because chances are that he will also like you A LOT once he has met you, and all you need to do is gather the courage to tell him first.

Even though you’re (probably) already head over heels in love with him, and you know exactly where you’re going to live, what you’re going to do, how many children you’ll have including other future plans, he has no idea that you even exist.

And that is why you should reveal your true feelings!

2. He will respect and admire your boldness

When you really like someone, it’s hard to think rationally and clearly about possible outcomes. All you have is this fear of being rejected, made fun of or mocked. But, none of this is real! (Trust me, I’ve been there.)

When we like someone, we tend to exaggerate everything because our feelings are so intense that we can no longer think rationally.

And that is why I’m here to tell you that there’s not a single possible outcome or possibility where I can imagine him responding negatively to your interest in him!

Why? Because guys LOVE attention and they enjoy feeling wanted just like everybody else. And they know that expressing feelings is not an easy thing to do!  That’s why he will respect and admire your boldness, regardless if your feelings are mutual or not.

In a nutshell, you don’t need to be anxious or overly worried about being ridiculed or similar because this will NOT happen!


3. You’ve got nothing to lose

Now, let’s say that you finally told him how you feel about him and he appreciated all of it but gave you an explanation that he’s not interested in dating at the moment for some reason (or that he’s already seeing someone). Awesome again, right?

(Now you’re probably asking yourself: ”How in the world could that be awesome?

I just realized that the man of my dreams is not interested in dating and you’re telling me that’s awesome?”) You know why?

Because you will finally know where you are at, and you will no longer waste your time in gathering the courage to tell him how you feel.

Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose!

4. You’ll feel ten times better

Once you say what’s in your heart, you’ll feel ten times better, and you’ll make your life so much easier.

Over time, unsaid words turn into a huge burden that you’re constantly wearing on your shoulders.

Honesty is the key to healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

And that’s why it’s time to finally unburden yourself because, at the end of the day, regret over unsaid things is ten times stronger than a heartache.

You’ve got qualms on how to tell him that you love him without saying it?

And here’s how you’ll do it!

How to tell him you love him without saying it

1. Send him cute text messages

It is a sure way of knowing how to tell him you love him without saying it.

As much as people think text messages have gone into extinction. They are still very much around! I know you guys are usually on chats and maybe social media, but sending those cool love messages to him will give him the heads on that maybe you are beginning to fall in love with him, which was what you wanted in the first place.

Make it a routine; daily, weekly or 3 times a week. Develop the routine for him to know that YES, you are really into him. A smart and mature guy will get the drift!

2. Do the PDA

You know what the PDA is? Public display of affection. I wrote a post earlier on the types of PDAs that I like.

PDAs do not only apply to lovers. It also applies to those who are about to commence a love affair.

Holding hands in public, throwing subtle kisses and resting on his broad chest, and gently squeezing his hands in public could be tell-tale signs that you are really into him. My friend will not kiss me in public or just play with my chest, like slapping me, sexily can she?

You need how to tell him you love him without saying it? Spend more time together going on dates and having fun outside your confines and ensure that you display your emotions publicly through subtle signs that I mentioned above!

A smart guy will know you are really digging him and in love with him

3. Go to his house

Not to have sex, by doing that you are getting way ahead of yourself.

If you are the homely girl that you think you are. Help him out with some chores in the house. I know a lot of you are not good with house chores, better still you can prepare one of his favorite dishes!

But listen here!

Preparing the dish for him should not be out of his expense but out of your pockets! That is a sure gesture of love and he will know that you are really into him!

After preparing the dish, you can take it a little step further by eating in the same with him. This seem a little bit traditional (as I am a traditional guy) but it works like FIRE!

Before you get home, you will get a word of appreciation and then maybe he would have gotten the drift by then that you are totally into him!

4. Compliment him

Tell him, he looks lovely in his outfits. Take more look at his physical features and show him that you like how he takes care of himself!

If there are areas of development with his fashion sense! You can help with that part and making him realize that he could get better with his dress sense. Take initiatives about his physical attributes (no matter how handsome or cute you think he is) he is not perfect, there are still area of development.

As a babe that is already in love with him, all you just need do is look for ways to improve him physically and complement his efforts at making himself look good.

5. Boast about him in his presence

Oh my!

We guys are a sucker for that! Ask the guy across you and he will tell you YES!

We loved to be bragged out, not just in our absence but in our presence as well. Guys appreciate a lady taking up the ability to tell friends and family about him. That shows him that you really love his plans, outlook to life and maybe you would want to be a part of it!

Tell people about him and how much you appreciate the man that he is gradually becoming!

If I were to be the one you were bragging on, I would take a wide guess! You are obviously in love with me!

6. Communicate satisfaction

Do not make him go overboard simply because he wants you! Going for expensive dinners every week when you are aware that he earns just a couple of thousands of Naira.

Making him buy expensive gifts for you (not once but all the time) This is not a sign of love. Girls like that are termed gold diggers. For you to pass him the I love you message without saying it, you need to pass the thank you satisfied message across. Let him know that you are grateful and happy for all the things he has done for you and that you are contented with whatever he gives.

This is a big deal to a guy and trust me he will be able to confirm that truly, you are really into him and not for his hard-earned cash!

7. Listen to the beats of his heart!

Not like putting your chest on it!

But simply listening to him when he talks to you. You want to know how to tell him you love him without saying it, then provide listening ears.

Listening very carefully anytime he speaks his mind out. You might not be able to proffer solution, because the way a man think is sometimes different to the way a lady thinks, but providing the ear that listens will make him see that you are not just his friend but someone that really wants to share in his troubles and travails. This way you are showing him that you are really into him and might want to be a part of his life!

A man values a lady that listens, and this are sure signs of how to tell him you love him without saying it!

8. Be friends with his friends

You can try to get along with the company he keeps. You should know that a guy loves the company of his friends, and, you can quickly determine the kind of man your guy is by checking his friends out. It is very possible you like his friends, then you can make conscious efforts to connect with them.

A lot of ladies I have met are just interested in just being friends with their man and not one else. We guys get it, yes, we understand. However, you need to know that one of the ways to tell him you love him without saying it is by connecting with his friends.

When you support him and connect with his friends? It shows that you are growing more convenient and comfortable with his world! That is a telltale sign that you LOVE HIM!

These are enough signs and physical gestures that you need on how to tell him you love him without saying it. I hope I have been able to let you into the world of men! Do you like this post, feel free to share? You can also drop comments if you have other addition to the numbers above. Let the love go around!

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