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Is Kayanmata a Charm?

Is kayanmata a charm

Is kayanmata a charm?

The best way to answer this question is to say NO, there is kayanmata that is not a charm. And yes, there is what people call kayanmata that is nothing short of fetish. This is an academic way to address the issue of this traditional prescription. What makes defining kayanmata a lot more difficult is the insufficient data on its empiricism. Be that as it may, we will examine what available evidence we can find for what it is.

Kayanmata is simply a collection of herbs. It originated in the northern part of Nigeria. Traditionally the recipe includes several herbs, most of which are more commonplace in the north. Translated loosely, ‘Kaya’ means property, and ‘mata’ means woman. kayanmata means ‘Woman’s property’.

Kayanmata are herbs are used by women in the north to enhance sex and to make them irresistible to their lovers during lovemaking. In other words, kayanmata are sex enhancers. And there are quite a variety of them processed from different herbs, spices and fruits. One notable and popular fruit that constitutes one of the ingredients is tiger nuts which is sold all over the country.


So is the Kayan Mata a charm?

Is kayanmata a charm

Let us begin with what it is first, which is an aphrodisiac. Is there proof that it works? Well, the thriving business of kayanmata products is a clear indication that it does work. A lot of Instagram accounts are dedicated to the advertising and sale of the products. It enjoys so much patronage that it now has it’s own industry. Comments on facebook pages are rife with testimonials of those who have used the products, singing the praise of Kayan Mata.

There is a reason to believe that traditional kayanmata works of itself.

One mouse study showed that tiger nuts helped preserve testicular weight and sperm production following heavy metal poisoning.

In a rat study, eating large amounts of tiger nuts for 30 days increased testosterone levels, boosted sexual activity and reduced intermission time between mating sessions. However, there are no studies on using tiger nuts as an aphrodisiac in humans, so more research is needed before any conclusions can be made. However, there is strong indication that tiger nuts, a constituent of some kayanmata products for sexual enhancement, increases libido in men.

It is on this basis that we say kayanmata is not a charm and by this, we refer to traditional kayanmata. Further research shows that in the past, in the northern part of the country, men who had many wives had to rotate intercourse with the women, spending their time with each of the wives every week. The women have to compete for their husbands’ full attention by using kayanmata.

And here’s where the believe that kayanmata is a charm began

If the husband goes round his wives and comes to the turn of the wife that has gotten the secret of kayanmata and used it, he spends more time with her. That particular wife has used, for example, the one that is applied directly to the vagina to lubricate it since the men in those days didn’t do foreplay. He enjoys the sex so much that he becomes more attached to that wife.

Before long the rest of the wives begin to accuse that wife of using charm to bewitch their husband. The same thing happens with men who have side chicks. Some of these girls simply use any of these herbs and concoctions that are not necessarily fetish. And since we are talking about sex, it only gets better for the man. A sexual experience that beats the one that his wife gives him is bound to keep him coming back for more.

It appears though that those who claim that kayanmata is a charm just can’t figure out how a woman can give a girl half his savings or salary just for enjoying sex with her, or how a husband could leave a marriage of twenty years and elope with a twenty-one-year-old slay queen. For them, it’s got to be some sort of charm.

But we all know that a man (and we are not being stereotypical here, it is what it is) can do wild things just to taste how sweet a woman is. It is rather the power of sex that is at work, not just the kayanmata per se. As a matter of fact, 70% of the materials used to prepare kayanmata is natural.

In other stories, however, there are reports of other brands of kayanmata herbs that are suspected to have efficacies that make people claim that they have supernatural properties. There was one particularly amusing one was shared by a woman on her social media handle. Apparently, she had stumbled on her husband and his lover. The husband had denied all association with the slay queen.

But in time the woman had noticed that her husband was spending more and more time away from home. The woman came upon the advertisement for vagina sweeteners, which is one modern brand of kayanmata that is sold these days. She listened to gossip in her workplace that led her to believe that her husband’s side chick may have used it to hook her husband.

She believed the type of kayanmata the girl used must contain some charm since even she had now tried it on her husband without results.

So to the question: is Kayanmata a charm?

There is a huge difference now in the kayanmata that are advertised on social media and the traditional kayanmata, the ancient one we all know. Kayanmata has undergone a lot of rebranding, we might say, some of them sold at such exorbitant prices that you begin to wonder if it isn’t the same tiger nuts or coconut which constitutes some of the ingredients.

The truth though is, no one can say exactly. Reports often get embellished after it has gone through many retellings. And by the time it finds it’s way onto social media it had become almost stranger than fiction. It appears that the advertisers are responsible for the hype that these products enjoy. They promise such fabulous results. Believers often come back to claim these results were so. How can one tell if they aren’t so?

One opinion is that if the kayanmata doesn’t work at least a portion of the patronage will revolt. But this is not the case. All we have are people who use kayanmata and those who don’t. Reports are coming in that says that many young girls are paying a lot of money to purchase sexual enhancement herbs, those that make men give them money no matter how much they ask for. And on Instagram, they are advertising kayanmata that has this ability to make a man give a woman whatever she asks for.

When asked if this too is kayanmata, a northern woman told us that it is. In her opinion, most men do not understand the power that a woman’s body has on a man. And the potency of sex itself. She said, “It is kayanmata too. Any her that a woman uses to make sex sweet is kayanmata. And every man love sex, they will die with a sweet woman, that’s all!”

There is some truth in that, as we have established before. The moment a man begins to compare good with better, it doesn’t matter to him what is responsible anymore, as long as it gets better. At risk of portraying men as being animalistic, the data of infidelity does much to support the claim of this woman.

Another woman said, “Things have never been worse. And they claim this is kayanmata. It is not. Kayanmata does not make the men who use them to lose their senses. All it does is make sex sweeter for spouses, make men last longer and makes a woman who finds it difficult to lubricate do so without hurting during sex.” said she, “But what you see is men who forget their wife, even send her out of the home or they outright move in with the girl they are sleeping with. I don’t think that is ordinary kayanmata, ordinary kayanmata does not work that way.”

A seller of kayanmata said, “They are normal herbs.”

We told him about the ones advertised on Instagram.

When asked if there was a difference between what he sells and the others on Instagram he said Kayanmata can create strong bonds between sexual partners, husband’s and wives. But if a man decides to leave one woman on account of good sex then it was his decision. Funny, but somewhat true. He went on to say many of his customers were middle-aged women who were trying to resuscitate their rather comatose sexual life. “Sex is important.” said the seller in Hausa language.

Perhaps the best person to tell us what kayanmata is the Hausa man himself or woman. And they hold that kayanmata is not a charm. But kayanmata is a name, and it can be used to describe other herbs or charms as the case may be.

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