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Suggested Places To Propose To Your Girlfriend In Lagos In 2020

Propose To Your Girlfriend In Lagos In 2020

Places To Propose To Your Girlfriend In Lagos In 2020: Earlier this month, I was at a bar, can’t really remember the name at Ikeja after getting a Swedish massage from Ikeja’s most prominent spa, Bioviva Holistic Spa where I witnessed a guy propose to his girlfriend.

This doesn’t happen much often and it is my first time seeing someone being proposed to, so sweet!

However, something was wrong, very wrong. This guy was going to propose to his girlfriend at a Suya joint, isn’t it funny? Want to know what happened?

Here’s The Gist:

As I was enjoying the combo of spiced assorted meat pepper soup, and chicken salad with Nigerian-made palm wine, I noticed thick fumes emanating from the Suya spot close to where my table was situated in the open space, so I started choking and coughing ‘cos of the fumes I was inhaling’ and in my mind, I was praying no one hits me or shoot me dead thinking I had a virus.

Suddenly, a noise came from a spot not too far away from me. People clapping and murmuring yes, yes yes! A guy probably in his 20’s, I am not sure, was proposing to his girlfriend at a “Suya” Joint.

Who does that? How will he think his girlfriend will say yes when the smoke of “aboki suya” is all over the air.

Why does he have to do this here? Is he scared or broke?

These were thoughts that ran through my mind knowing fully well what might happen and if I was shocked, at hearing “YES”, it will be his luck, not mine. I wished him good luck and stood up to murmuring “yes” on a low-key along with the customers who were anxiously waiting for her to hug him and accept his proposal.

To cut the story short, the lady said NO and that was it. The relationship of probably 2 to 3 year was pulled off, which pretty means the guy will have to start another phase of a relationship.

When I tell you proposing is a hard thing to do, believe me! The popular 4-word phrase has ended so many relationships and as well help kick start new versions of the relationship between lovers.

As this may seem easy to some people, you must know that it is a very hard thing to do for some guys, especially those who just experienced their first phase of the relationship and are ready for marriage.

Well, in this article, I won’t be telling you exactly how to propose to your girlfriend but suggest to you beautiful places you can actually propose to her having in mind high hopes of getting YES!

Places and location hinder “yes” when proposing to your girlfriend and I didn’t just come to a conclusion about this but got answers from people who just got engaged and 85% of them say location and point of proposal matters. They further let me know that, in one way or the other, the location which their boyfriend proposed to them made them say yes. Isn’t that sweet?

Well, guys, this is for you. I find proposing a very serious thing you should plan out very well as it might fuck you up for good if not properly mapped out.

However, as this may seem so hard it can be made easy when in a comfortable or luxurious place. These kind of places are the best place to propose to your girlfriend and expect “yes”. Ladies love to be pampered and love to see their choice of man take them to luxurious places even if they can tell you face to face but deep down their heart, they want to.

Let’s take a moment to look at our suggested locations to propose to your girlfriend in 2020 and get a YES! It’s that simple.

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La-Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Source – GuardianNG

This one is for nature and beach lovers with a true reflection of African beauty and elegance situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by the fresh waters of Ikegun Lake. It offers an absolutely breathtaking view, perfect for a more relaxed and romantic proposal.

Lekki Conservation Center Lagos

Source – JumiaFood

Lekki Conservation Centre is widely known for tourist attractions and the canopy walk at LCC is what makes people even more interested. The canopy walk is one of the most stunning places to see in Lagos before you travel out of the country. Places like LCC can make you want to come back to Nigeria. It offers an absolutely mind-blowing intricate of nature and it is exactly the best place to propose.

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Ofada Boy Restaurant, Surulere

Source – NomadicNegro

I have not been to this place but have heard many stories about Ofadaboy being an ibile restaurant for Nigerians with intricate designs showing the true colour of an African Yoruba man. This restaurant is in the heart of Surulere, Yaba and they provide different delicacies of food you can buy before proposing.

You can treat your lady to a luxurious package on Ofada boy menu. Never underestimate what local food can do, it can be your luck to getting a good wife.

La Manga Luxury Beach Villas, Ilashe Lagos

Source – Oga venue

A little piece of paradise nestled on beautiful and the alluring Island of Ilashe. It is one of the most stunning places in Lagos with a beautiful view that would elevate the mood of your lover, a breathtaking place indeed! All you have to do is ask the question, the beach will help her say, “Yes”.

Ember Creek, Awolowo Road Ikoyi

Source – TayoAinaFilms

What better place to propose than surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Impress your lover by taking them to the lively atmosphere sure to be buzzing with electrifying excitement. It is a perfect place to ask the question, “Will you marry me?”

So that is all I have for you today on awesome places to propose to your girlfriend in Lagos. To read exciting stories about Lagos destinations, you should check out FastLagos.

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