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Please forgive me quotes for him or her

Please forgive me quotes
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51 Many times I look at me and envision the mistakes I have made in past years and see how I have hurt many people. I look at the terrible things I have done and see the ways I could just have made them right. Life is full of ups and downs and only those with the mindset like mine can scale through. You have wronged a lot of people. First step is to apologize and make right your wrongs. This way forgiveness will not be far fetched.

52 Remember that one of the attributes of a weak man is some who finds it so difficult to forgive. But when you meet someone that forgives quite easily even though he/ she might not forget immediately, then that is the quality of a strong person.

53 We always think forgiveness make people look at us as weak, but I tell you that forgiveness is not an attribute of the weak man. It takes a strong person to forgive, and it takes a strong person with a stronger will to forget. Forgiveness is yours, forgiveness is mine.

54 Let us learn to bring peace in all our ways. Let us learn to bring smile to beautiful faces with our forgiveness. Let us tell to teach others the true element of forgiveness. Let us learn to let go of fury and bitterness. Let us learn to forgive and to love, because love is the greatest gift of love.

55 Every day, you must learn to inculcate the spirit of forgiveness and love in your heart and life. You must ask yourself. Who offended me this last week? Did I forgive that person, did I love him as well? See, the seed of love is not just to love another. The seed of love planted into you is to forgive as much as you love.

56 Forgiveness is inside us already, it is like a seed that has planted alongside love. All we just must do is seek for ways to nurture it. How do we even nurture the seed of forgiveness. It is by getting offended by someone and seeing how we deal with the offence and seeing the ways we can forgive such person even if he/ she sis not really see that he/ she has committed an unforgivable act. Forgiveness is in you. Forgiveness is in me!

57 Remember this, you cannot make everyone happy. Simply because you are guided by your code of conduct and not theirs. However, as part of your ethical conduct code, you need to add value like forgiveness into it, because as much you would offend others, others will offend you. Therefore you must be quick to forgiveness and slow to anger.

58 Do not spend time focusing on other people’s standards at all. Do not spend time trying to dwell on other people’s affairs, if you do so, you will only end up hurting yourself and when you hurt yourself by focusing on other people’s life, you will find it difficult forgiving yourself. The choice to a better life is yours. Grab it with all your might and forgive when the need arises.

59 Never ever give an excuse when it is time to forgive. Excuses are the greatest cause of early ruins to a relationship or friendship that you have worked so hard to build. When you do not know what to do and seem lost, just apologize. Apology is the new way to cement a bond of together between two or more people in a society like ours.

60 Your goal as a writer, and a quotes man is to assist other people in learning the art of forgiveness. Your goal as a psychologist is to see forgiveness as it is and not what it must be. Your goal as an individual is to learn how to pardon others and tender justice with mercy. Our collective goal in this life is to learn to love and forgive.

61 When you are wrong, be quick to admit that you are wrong. When you are right, make out your points in a very logical way and allow people to see what you mean. You should not be rude about passing information and always allow people see things as they are. You do not need to judge on your own, let people be the judge for you!

62 Other people need to understand exactly where you are coming from, this way it is easy to forgive and be forgiven.

63 You do not need to hate yourself for being too apologetic. People think apologetic people are just vulnerable people. Whet they fail to realize is that apologetic people are the strongest and are the people that live long on earth. Apologetic people find it easy to forgive and move on with their lives. What person are you? Apologetic?

64 You do not need to grow tired of the world or the people of the world. God created us all in the same image but the world changed us to be different images. All you need to do is stay sane and true to what you stand for. Forgive easily and move on with your life. You will surely be protected by god in all the things that you do.

65 If you are having troubles with being sympathetic and forgiving. Repeat these statements to yourself and to others.” I am deeply and sincerely sorry. I have forgiven you. Will you please forgive me”? This way forgiveness comes easy and faster. This way forgiveness becomes two ways and everyone leaves happy.

66 To learn the art of forgiveness. We must first run away from the malicious circle of selfishness and self-centeredness and look out for possibilities to see humility in its purest sense. We must also learn to say I forgive you instead of walking away in pure bitterness. This way we live life better.

67 To forgive, we must be able to separate anger from spitefulness. When that becomes possible then forgiveness becomes inevitable. Learn to live a life of forgiveness and you will be blessed beyond measure.

68 For me to forgive, I first pray and ask God for the right part. For me to forget, I first pray and ask God for direction. For your to achieve all of this you need God in your life. It is almost impossible for you to achieve forgiveness on your own.

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