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Please forgive me quotes for him or her

Please forgive me quotes


21 I know it takes a very strong person to say sorry

And then I also realized that it takes a stronger person to forgive

Please be stronger and forgive me for all my wrongs


22 All I crave for right now is for you to hold me close and never let go

All I crave for is for you to listen as I tell you to forgive me

All I want is that your heavenly hug and kiss of reassurance

Saying that you love and have forgiven me


23 I can’t find enough words to explain how sad I am for offending you

I am indeed sorry and I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me

I love you too much for us to be apart

Please forgive my love. Our love has come to stay


24 My ultimate goal is to try as much as possible to reduce the number of times

I come to you for forgiveness

I just can’t help it by offending you and trust me

I am getting better

Infact I would get better

You need to understand that forgiveness is part of what moulds a relationship

And that’s why I am here to ask for your forgiveness

Please forgive me my love


25 Only if I can turn back the hands of time

I will take back everything that I have said

I have said what I shouldn’t have mentioned which was wrong

And I need you to forgive me my love


26 I truly wished I would never have to ask for you forgiveness in our relationship

But humans that we are, we make mistakes.

I hope you will forgive me for my wrong doings


27 I never intended to hurt you sweet lady

All I wanted was to be the shoulder that you would cry on

Now I have created a burden and I want it lifted off you my love

Please forgive me

I promise to do everything right from now on

28 Ever since the beginning of this relationship

We have tried so hard to aim for perfection

But as you know perfection isn’t easy as we can only strive to be perfect

All I ask right now if your forgiveness and for you to love me again

Please forgive me my love


29 I know I made a grave wistake by lieing to you

But please remember my heart and love belongs to no other but you

I have learned my mistakes the hard way and it is your forgiveness I now crave for

Please forgive me and I wil be sane again


30 You are the best thing that ever happened to you. How could I have done so much wrong

You are an amazing human to be in my life, How could I have lied without recourse

Please baby I love you with all of my life and I want us to now and forever

Please forgive me


You know what you need to do, end these please forgive me quotes now and get your forgiveness immediately:

31 Sorry for being so jealous, it should have occurred to me that

Cheating was never in your dictionary

I am sorry please forgive me my love


32 I know you are the truthful type of partner

So faithful and true in every way possible

But I was damn too jealous to see beyond what I was seeing

I am so sorry for my naivety dearie

Please find it in your heart to forgive me


33 I want to let you know that I am indeed sorry

For acting so abnormally the other day

Please forgive me babay, it won’t happen again


34 From now on, things will never remain the same again

Yes I know

But I will always ask for your forgiveness every single day till we are back together

Please forgive my wrongs and let’s make this right again


35 I thought love was the hardest thing in this life

But now I know better; forgiveness is harder than loving

Please forgive me my tomorrow

It will never happen again


36 I never knew what love was until I met you

Please allow me know what forgiveness is by forgiving me


37 I have cried my hearts out these past weeks

I have screamed my head off these past months

I am now shrunken, desiccated and fagged out

Being away from you for so long breaks my heart

Please forgive me darling, I want us back


38 Please, don’t leave me

I know that I say I don’t need you

But it is always going to come right back to me

Forgive me my love


39 Why did I break up with you

That was the most stupid thing I have ever done

I know we made little mistakes to the big mistakes

Who says mistakes are not bound to happen?

I deeply regret my actions and asking us to break up

Even though you were obstinate about it

Please reconsider the resolution to split

I really love you, please forgive the crazy decision


40 I know thing will not remain the same again

But I am willing to keep trying until it does

Please forgive me


41 I was sincerely not thinking when I mouthed those degrading words at you

Please forgive me for my foul language


42 I am the definition of all the mistakes I’ve made

I am the definition of everyone I have ever hurt

I am the definition of all the words I have said

I am full of flaws and really am sorry for all the wrongs

Please forgive me


43 Please find all the love in your heart

And forgive me my love


44 Although we can not turn back the hands of time

And make a brand new start

Please let us start from this moment on

And redefine our love and our commitment to this relationship

Forgive my inadequacies sweetheart


45 Hey Love

Please let’s start over

Let us be strangers once more

Okay let me re-introduce myself

We can giggle and slap each other’s back

And try to learn old things we already know

Create sure foundations

And choke on new memories

Laugh at our dry jokes

And give each other

The chance to love again


46 For disappointing you

I have disappointed myself

Please forgive me


47 Today I made a pact with forgiveness

Not because you said you were sorry

Or because you agreed that you caused me so much hurt

But because I crave serenity and calmness

I have decided to accept your please forgive me quotes

I forgive you


48 Forgive me for ever questioning your love and trust


49 I will continue to have affection

While I try as much as possible to forgive

As I continue to grow in love


50 I know I have forgiven you

Because I can’t just un-love you

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