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The Most Beautiful Wedding Vows I Have Ever Heard

the most beautiful wedding vows I have ever heard

The best wedding vows I have ever heard: We all have a reason for getting married to the one we chose to spend the rest of our life with and this decision is very important because it will determine how we may live our life in the next twenty years of our lifespan. In some religion, to vow in a wedding ceremony is accepted and it is one of the important rituals right in such marriages.

A vow is like a sacred promise which must be fulfilled as stated, and this is more reason why someone has to be sincere with him or herself before making a vow before the Lord. We have many of these vows for you in bulk and you may not get tired of coming back for them. We advise that you share them with your loved ones who will always be there for you; they actually need you in as much as you need them to. Not just this article in particular but also you should try learning how to appreciate people that are close to you. They really love you so respond to them amicably, in every situation in life.

The best wedding vows I have ever heard – His wedding vows for her

1. I promise to be a good husband to my wife and to take care of her entire needs as the need may arise in my capacity, I will always be a good husband for her in any situation, and I will give her the attention she needs no matter the condition I may find myself

2. She is my wife and it is my responsibility to make sure that she is always happy; I will never in any way make her sad ‘ unnecessarily, I will always stay by her side when she needs me most; I won’t in any way leave her in hard times while I claim to be a good husband to her.

3. As I married my dear wife today, I promise to always give her good attention, and I will make sure that her daily need is provided according to my capacity. I will not be furious upon her while in my right senses and even if I do under the influence of an external force, I promise to apologize to her as due.

4. I will always love her more just as I promise her before we get married today; I will never let her down and will always be her strength and the shoulder she can always lean upon. I will not abuse her in anyway whatsoever and if the Lord blessed us with children, I will take care of them in the best of my ability.

5. I love my dear wife and as such will render my life to make sure that she is happy always, I will try all my best to bring food to her table, I will not share her secret outside; I will always listen to her good opinion that is necessary for any situation in hand.

6. I promise to be a good father to our unborn children if God wills, and promise to take of my dear wife under any circumstance; I love our and it is my responsibility to take good care of her anytime or whenever she needs me most. I will not abandon her when she is weak or afflicted by any challenge in life.

7. I will always be there for my wife because she is the pearl of my eyes, and if God gives us children together, she will be the mother of my beautiful kids, so it is clear to me that she I own her lots of responsibilities. I will always respond to her needs as long as I am capable and that need is really genuine and responsible.

8. This is my promise to wife; to always love her, take good care of her, stay with her in times of sorrow and distress. I promise to be with her for better for worst and to be her guardian when things are not clear to her. I will always remind her of righteousness and be truthful to her always as may be necessary.

9. I know this day is a very serious day, a day with sacred promises all before the Lord, so for this reason, my promises and vows are not empty; I will never cheat on my wife while I am on my right senses; I will never raise my hands on my wife while I am not under the influence of any drug and also promise to try all my best to remain a responsible husband to her.

10. I will always be her best friend and put a smile on her face in the best of my ability; I will not in any reason be harsh to her. I understand that women need caring and soft hand and so I promise to be so to her. I vow to remain or improve as the best character she knows me to be.

The best wedding vows I have ever heard – Vows or Promise from her to him

11. I promise to be a good wife in the presence of her husband. I vow this special day of my life to be submissive to him and also respect him in his presence and of every other person. I promise to respect his family and friends. He is my husband, so deserves much of my respect.

12. In as much as this day is sacred, I will always remain loyal to my husband. I will always respect his secret with me and treat him like a king he is to me; and also will expect him to treat me like the queen he said I am to him, I love him and so I will always respect my body and protect it against adultery,

13. I promise to remain loyal to my husband, respond to him whenever he needs me or my attention. I will always support him rather than nagging when he is yet to provide for me. I have always told him I can endure with him, so shall it always be no matter the influence of any friend or whosoever the third party may be.

14. Today, we are right before the Lord been witnessed by a large number of people, I am vowing right now that will not cheat on my husband in any way detectable by me except in a situation where I am ignorant of what I’m doing and I will always be ready to apologize.

15. Today been the joyous day of my life, I promise to be a good wife to my husband and to take good care of him. Whether in joy or in distress, I will always be there for him because I truly love him. I will not leave him when he needs me most and I will never disgrace him no matter the condition he may be.

16. God knows I love him and married him because we are compatible with each other. For this reason, I want to declare this as it is on my mind that I will never leave my husband alone when he needs me most and if the Lord bless us with children and properties, I will take care of them.

17. It is my responsibility to be a good wife to my husband and this is the reason why I have to make this promise today; to love hi always, to honor him before everyone and never to complain while I am supposed to support and find the solution to any challenges we may face.

18. I will always be there for my husband because he really deserves my attention. I will disregard him neither in his absence nor in his presence. I will always be submissive to his good wills and treat him like my prince because in actuality he is.

19. I promise to live in peace and harmony with my beloved husband and if God grants us with beautiful children, I will take care them to the best of my ability and as for him, I will always make sure that his stomach is filled with the fuel called food and I will always make sure that he is not hungry because a hungry man is a man of anger.

20. I will always love my husband no matter the circumstance, I will not in any way steal or use his property illegal. I will serve him as due and always protect his interest from anyone whosoever. I love him and will always do for the rest of my life.

The best wedding vows I have ever heard – Marriage vow from husband to a wife

21. She is my love, my heart and the woman I have always wanted to marry in my life; she is the reason why I am so happy today, so I will never let her down or cry unnecessarily. I will always love her for whom she is, and will never in anyway cheat on her.

22. I love her so will I always do until death tears us apart on earth. I will not take my attention away from her because she really deserves my love. I used to promise her lots of things and so, it is upon me to fulfill them based on my capacity. I will always love her.

23. Before the Lord this morning, I vow to live with my beloved wife in peace and harmony always in as much as she cooperates with me in doing the right thing that the Lord has instructed. I will always be kind to the angel of my life because she really deserves it.

24. In no circumstances shall I raise my hand to beat my wife before she is forbidden to be humiliated in any way whatsoever. I will always be truthful to her because she is a bless woman in my life; I will always love her because she is my princess. No matter how the situation maybe, I will not in any reason disrespect her.

25. As I vow this very special day, it is that I will not stop been a responsible husband to you until you prove otherwise, as a gentle man I showed you I am, will try all my best to be kind to you because you are my princes. I will not in any way disregard your opinion and I will implement your advice if they are necessary for my dream.

26. When I met her, she was beautiful and now that I married her, she is extremely beautiful; this means that she deserve a lot of love from me; I am here before the Lord that I will never love any woman better than you as long as you are my wife; I will always love you and your children.

27. Promise they say must e fulfilled, and that’s why I have the gut to promise my princess a lot, I will always stay by your side, take care of my right upon you and try all my best to make sure you are cared foe, secured and happy every day of your life. I will always be with you forever.

28. This is my promise to the best; day in my life; no one will replace you in my heart save God; and I will always be truthful to you because you are an uncommon princess in the realm of love. These promises are not empty but a vow I will always hold on to.

29. May the Lord be pleased with me this day and help me in carrying out my vow upon you; it is my vow to take care of you and your kids whenever they join us; I will not stop been a good husband to you. I will always love you for whom you are and what you can do.

30. If I don’t love you though, I wouldn’t have come this far with you, for this reason, I am promising to always put a smile on your face and to also make sure that I provide your needs whenever you demand as long as I am capable. I will not reveal your secret to anyone no matter the state of mind I find myself.

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