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7 Compliments That Will Make Your Man Go Crazy

compliments that will make your man go crazy

7 compliments that will make your man go crazy – Guys love compliments, don’t they? I am sure you know the importance of compliments as a lady. How much more guys?

Remember that guys are attracted by what they see, but when you add what they hear to the equation, it takes them to another pedestal of emotional ‘mushiness’, if you know what I mean. When you read the mood of your lover and then add one or two compliments, it makes him giddy and excited at the same time.

With the right words, you can get your man happy and blushing. It is not really hard to get your boyfriend beaming in all smiles and increasing his attraction towards you. All you need are the right lines to make this happen.

Men appreciate compliments whether you know or not. It is a major source of attraction and lingering thoughts for them. Another icing is the fact that compliments makes a man go nuts over you because they hardly get complimented and as such, the right compliment at the right time will make them love and respect you more.

Here are my top 7 lists of compliments that will make a guy go crazy over you

7. You always make conversation easy with you

Men find it so exciting when ladies tell them are good conversation starters and makers. Truth is, a lot of guys are boring and it takes a constant work on oneself to be able to make conversations and keep them going.

Therefore complimenting a your man on this great quality will drive him crazy and make him appreciate you more. Do you have a man who you enjoy talking to? Then make sure you compliment him with this line. He will surely appreciate and love you more for the gesture.

6. I always feel safe with you

Being safe is more psychological than physical. Your man doesn’t have to have a security outfit because you recognize how safe you are with him.

A lot of guys make their presence known in situations and this is justified by the way they always wrap their arms around their women and look into their eyes with assurance and confidence. A smart woman will know the signs when her man is trying to be protective.

When you realize this, you need to acknowledge then by making your man know that you appreciate him and being around him brings certain amount of protection and safety to you.

That compliment will get his heart fluttering and reeling over and over in love with you.

5. You always make me smile

I always feel so excited and grateful whenever I see my woman smile. The very first time she told me I make her smile was one of the happiest days of my life.

The truth is a dose of happiness in a woman comes through having to smile all the time, and if your boyfriend gives you enough attention and reactions to make you smile, then you need to compliment him for doing that.

Telling your man he makes you smile makes him happy as well, and increases his confidence level. A confident man makes a great boyfriend, don’t you think?

4. You are so humorous

A great driver in relationship happiness is humour. Who wants to date a boring guy? Someone you can’t spend the whole day with? Every lady likes a man who can make conscious efforts to make her happy with jokes and humour. There is this general belief that if you can get a woman to open her mouth, showing those beautiful sets of teeth in laughter, then it’s a score for you. You are most likely to nick her stubbornness and get her on your team.

Point is, every one appreciate a funny boyfriend, and if your boyfriend makes you laugh like all the time, then, appreciating him will make him happy. An obvious winner for your man.

Get on with it.

3. You turn me on

This is going to make him feel like Superman because apart from having a guy who makes you laugh and smile. Having a great man is another plus to your relationship. Nothing makes a man more excited than having his lady tell him of his great love making skills. This is one of the best compliments ever, and trust me, you just boosted your man’s ego by complimenting it.

2. You love how he dresses

Men love it when ladies compliment them about the way they dress. See, men put a lot of effort in dressing just like the ladies, and it takes a mentally conscious girlfriend to really see that. If your man is therefore looking a little extra in terms of carriage and style. Let him know you love it, and boost it confidence level to 300%

1. I love it when other women check you out

Not a lot of ladies will agree with this compliment, but trust me when I say it is one of the hottest things to say to your man in a relationship. You see? Having a man to yourself does not mean other ladies won’t check him out. Same for you as well.

Being in a relationship with your man would not mean you don’t get advances from other men. The fact is you are both in a relationship, and while you acknowledge other advances, you are in love with another.

Feel free when other ladies check him out. It really is a great thing, and the reason is other ladies truly envy your man and even envy you for having such an amazing man. Let him know you love it when other ladies check him out. This shows he is truly an awesome person and you are happy he is all yours. This will boost his ego and trust me, he will fall in love with this compliment and you over again!

It is just a no brainer how special he would feel having you tell him that.

Have you used any of these compliments before? How did it make your man feel? Do you have other compliments to add? Share them in the comment section below. Let’s learn together

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