Richard had overheard them when they were making their plans earlier in the day. At first, he didn’t pick interest in their discussion until they mentioned that the girl had problem with him.

They had been discussing their target though, but he never knew whom it was until they talked about the part of a girl encountering him(Richard), then he realized they were talking about the lunatic girl.

He marked the time they agreed upon and had followed and monitored their movements throughout the day.

He knew the poor lunatic girl would be in trouble if the D3 guys unleash their anger on her and he felt the urge to rescue her from the hands of those evil guys.

“Richard what are you doing here? What brought you here?” Derrick angrily asked him.

“I said you should leave her alone” Richard shouted at Donald and Dickson ignoring Derrick totally.

“Who are you to interfere in our business? Who are you to interfere in our life? Who are you to spoil things for us on this campus? Let me tell you, the fact that we let you alone ever since that incident does not mean that we are afraid of you. So why don’t you leave us alone and focus on your own business?” Derrick barked.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing right now,” Richard said.

“How is it your business Richard, tell me how does this concern you?”

“It is my business because she is my girlfriend,” Richard said.

“What? Me? His girlfriend? When? How? I mean how can he say such a thing? I mean he is gay…”

Nicky thought as Richard’s words vibrated inside her ear.

“Your girlfriend?” Derrick doubtfully asked.

“It sounds so funny, you Richard having a girlfriend in this school? When did that happen? When did two of you become that close? I mean she’s just a new student and you’re already fucking her “Derrick said in a mockery tune.

He wasn’t there to waste time or listen to any of the D3 guys rubbish so he ignored Derrick and walked to Nicky who was sitting on the ground with her hands, legs and mouth tied.

He got to her and knelt down with one of his legs and began to untie Nicky.

The D3 guys including Nicky were so surprised to see him doing that.

After untying her, he pulled her up and made to walk away with her but Derrick attacked him.

Richard was so sharp that he saw his move on time.

He quickly turned and grabbed Derrick’s hand which he wanted to use on him(Richard).

“Don’t even provoke me this night because if you do I will have the three of you dig up your graves by yourselves “Richard threatened and released him.

He took Nicky’s hand and they both walked away.

When they were out of sight he disengaged his hand from hers.

“I wonder what a human being that calls herself a girl could be doing outside at this time of the night,” Richard said to himself, although quite aloud.

“I went to the library to… ”

“I never asked you to explain anything to me, I don’t want any disturbance” Richard cuts in to shut her up before she starts her lamentation.

“Alright no problem but I must thank you for saving me today, thank you so much” she smilingly said to him but he ignored her and focused on his path.

“It’s true you saved me but you shouldn’t have told them that I’m your girlfriend because you know it’s not true or do you always lie just to please people?” She asked him.

“Wait for a minute, are you thinking about that? better come out of it. Do you think I will ever date you? You’re too ugly for my liking” he said to her.

“I know you will never ever date me because you’re not interested in girls and I have no problem with that but what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t have lied to them and you know…”

“Oh, God! The most irritating thing about you is that you talk too much like a parrot. You always talk and the reason why you were not talking when I arrived was that your mouth was tied. I wonder if this is how all the women behave” Richard made a long speech for the first time.

“Since you are not interested in women, you wouldn’t know how they behave and it’s better to be talkative than to be dumb like you,” Nicky said.

She quickly stopped as she saw a sad expression across his face.

“I’m sorry if I had provoked you by saying that. But Richard why are you always bitter? Why are you always sad? Were you dumped by your lover?”

Her question and the manner by which she asked it amused him that he couldn’t help smiling.

“Instead of someone to dump me I rather dump that person” Richard replied and he was even surprised that he answered her question.

“Okay since you were not dumped, did you lose your gay lover?” she asked with all seriousness.

“Oh my God! What the hell is this lunatic girl talking about? Gay lover? Who told her I’m gay? do I look like a gay to her? she is really crazy for saying that” Richard thought.

“Why are you always talking nonsense? You always waste your energy in vomiting rubbish “He said to her

” I was only asking a question ”

“Then stop asking and keep it to yourself,” he said.

“Okay but I still have something to say”

“I know you have millions of things to say”

“Have you forgiven me?” She asked.

“I thought you said that yesterday would be the last time you will plead with me”

“I changed my mind, in fact, I was only joking”

They were still walking when it started raining.

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