Nicky is a vibrant beautiful young girl who grew up to learn that newly admitted students in the campus were usually molested and intimidated by the old ones because they knew no one.

She thus swore never to give anyone the chance to intimidate and molest her. “She would squarely face each and every one of them,” she told herself.

She was so pissed of with the encounter she had with those three guys, and in this state of lamentation was she when she bumped into someone. She wasn’t thinking or looking straight as she kept lashing out her anger not minding that people were around her.

However, her strayed mind came back when she saw her books falling to the ground.

Until then did she realize she had accidentally hit something, someone precisely.

In fact, he was the one that hit her she thought as she quickly turned back to see the person.

He was a guy, he wore a Red T-shirt and a White fitting trouser with a pair of sneakers.
His hands were inside his pocket as he walked ahead not without minding that he had hit someone.

Nicky was so displeased by such an arrogant attitude and she angrily shouted behind him; “Hey, you in Red T-shirt, White and sneakers are you blind? ”

Richard heard clearly but decided to ignore and continue walking.

“You are so disgusting, you can’t even say sorry” she shouted.

On hearing the word ‘SORRY’ Richard suddenly stopped and turned to her “Do you say sorry? Sorry for what?” he asked.

“You should be sorry for scattering my books”

“You scattered your books yourself so don’t put blame on others for your mistake. Next time, while walking, you talk with your mouth and not with your eyes and sense.” Richard said and turn away from her as a smile curved his lips.

He was really amused to see a full-grown girl talking to herself in a crazy manner.

Nicky could not believe that the guy turned to her only to tell her that she was at fault. That she was talking with her eyes and sense and did not know when she ran into him.

She wanted to throw another word at him but he had gone far.

“Gosh! What’s all this? I wonder if this school is filled with irresponsible guys” she said and left after packing her books.

Two days later, Nicky was studying under a mango tree when a rotten mango felled on her.

She looked up at the tree to know what happened.
Then she saw one of the guys from the other day. It was Donald “Why did you throw that on my cloth?”
Nicky angrily asked him on seeing the huge stain on her cloth. She never knew someone was there.

“You have not seen anything yet. By the time we finish dealing with you in this school, you will regret ever coming into this school. Nonsense!” Donald said as he jumped down from the tree and went his way.

Nicky was so speechless to shout at him. She was more concerned about her White gown which just got messed up.

It was deeply stained by the rotten mango than she could walk to her lodge with it.

She quickly stood up from where she was sitting, got a sachet water, and with her handkerchief she made for an empty hall.

The stain was at the back of her gown that she had to remove it when she got into the hall.

She pulled off her gown and was only left with bra and tight as she lamented nonstop.

“This guy is really an important idiot! “I don’t know him tho, but I knew his face and I must surely find him”. She thought aloud.

He is one of those three idiots – bastards like him.

How can he do this to this cloth? does he know how much it cost? I can’t even afford it and what if the owner asks me to pay for the cloth? Hei! what am I even saying? I’m I trying to tell the world that I can’t afford this cheap cloth? That I’m not even the owner? Let me shut my mouth because the wall has ears”

Richard could not help but smile at the last few sentences he heard.

He was resting and studying at the inner part of the hall when he noticed someone’s entrance into the wall.

The place was so quiet and he knew that whoever that might be saying that did not know that there was another room there.

Perhaps that person is a new student.

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