Nicky ordered for alcoholic drinks which were supplied to her instantly.

She was so hurt as the lady’s words came playing in her head “I’m his fiancée, we would be getting married soon, he was only playing with you ”

So Richard deliberately kissed me at the party just to make his lover jealous? They had a problem before but now they are back together and he even invited her over to his house as soon as I left.

The thought of been used by Richard made her breakdown completely.

She gulped down her bottle of drinks and requested more bottles.

She continued drinking until she turned into a stupor and started talking to herself.

The sight of her talking to herself was so embarrassing to Richard so he stood up from his seat and approached her table.

He was a few steps away from her when he started hearing what she was saying.

With the sound of her voice, one could easily notice that she was drunk.

He decided to stand where he stood as he listened to what she was saying.

“I became close with you thinking that you were a gay but when I found out you were not I started developing what I couldn’t even explain for you. You never told me that you had a girlfriend. If you had told me maybe I would have tried to put my emotions in check. I don’t blame you at all, I blame myself for coming to you. I have even started nurturing the idea that there were some emotions attached to the kiss at the party but I was wrong. You never liked me, you only used me. It’s true you don’t owe me or promised anything but I don’t know why I’m like this. I don’t know why it got to me this much. Crying for a guy who feel nothing for me, who kissed me just to get his lover jealous” Nicky lamented and reached for another bottle but Richard held her hand and brought it down.

He was so much touched by her words coupled with her tears. He had never seen her cry before. She only sheds tears! but this time around she let it all out. Lamenting and crying at the same time.

Richard took a seat and sat opposite her.

“Ah! the constant thought of you has finally made me be hallucinating.” Nicky said looking at the image before her. To her, she was only imagining things because to her, Richard must be at home spending his time with his girlfriend.” I thought I was only seeing you in my dreams but now I see you everywhere, even when you’re not with me, even if I close my eyes, I will still be seeing you and that’s a very big problem to me. You’re really nice but it pained me that you never wanted anything to do with me. Always telling me that I’m not your type without knowing how that statement deeply hurts me. Well, I guess you’ve found whom your type is and I believe you’re having a good time with her right now. Someone whom you played with my emotion just to get her attention ”

Richard looked at his time and it was already late.

He stood up putting a device inside his pocket and left.

After a few minutes, he returned and pulled her up.

She was so drunk that she couldn’t walk so he used his body to support her movement. He held her while she laid her head against him as they walk towards the exit.

He helped her into the car and drove off to her place. He took out her key from her bag and opened the door.

They got into the house and he led her into her bedroom. Placed her on her bed while he took a seat and sat before her.

“Nicky, every single thing you said about me is wrong. I never hated you. If I hated you I wouldn’t have allowed you anywhere close to me. Maybe I played with your emotions but I never used you to make anyone jealous. What happened that night was as a result of the outburst of my own emotions. It happened because I could no longer control my feelings for you. It happened because I felt something for you.”

Nicky had been trying to understand where she was but she couldn’t. She didn’t even know whether she was imagining things or dreaming, because to her such a thing could not be possible in real life. The real Richard she knew would never say what she just heard.

“I know all these things are my imaginations which would never come true,” she said aloud.

“No Nicky you’re not imagining things, I’m real”

“Are you sure I am?”

“Then I will leave you with a proof,” Richard said as he went close to her and brought his head down to her. Nicky also brought her head closer too as soon as she saw Richard’s move towards her.

They thus started kissing and cuddling.

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