“Are you here to make me thank you? my friend goes to that room behind you” he said pointing behind her “it’s my room so don’t dirty it. When you get inside the room just turn to your left, you will see a drawer.

Open it and get me the drug there.” Richard’s said to Nicky who followed the instruction with immediate alacrities, like a student under a lector’s tutelage.
Nicky came with the drug and found out that he had gotten a glass of water.

“You’ve already gotten a glass of water, that’s good of you,” she said to him.
“Can you just give me the drug and stop being silly?” Richard said, extending his right palm to collect the drug.

The drug is in tablet form. It’s a stress relieving drug. Nicky brought out a tablet and gave it to Richard who took it and gulped it down with water.

“Give me more two” Richard requested.

“More what? Do you know what you’re saying? are sure you’re in your right sense? Are you okay? If I’m right, the instructions at the back of this thing” she raised the drug” says you’re expected to take one at a time, and once in a day and you want to take three at a time?”

“Give me that drug” Richard said

“Richard this is very dangerous to your body and health”

“I said give me that drug”

“Richard this is drug abuse! overdose! You’re trying to abuse this drug and it’s not good. Do you want to die? Don’t tell me this is how you’ve been taking this drug, I mean this is…”

“Nicky stop it! and shut your mouth before I shut it for you” Richard roared. “Nicky? Thank God you finally called my name. All thanks to my ID card if not you wouldn’t have known the name of your personal assistant. Anyway, I’m not going to give you this drug because I don’t want to commit murder so if you still want it, you can go and get it by yourself” she said and turned to leave.

Richard quickly stood up and went after her. She noticed he was coming after her so she increased her steps.

At the process, she missed a step and stumbled. Richard was behind her and he saw it coming and he quickly ran to her.

He didn’t know what prompted him but he saw himself running to her rescue.

He caught her in time but they both lost balance and ended up on the ground.

Everything happened so fast and before he knew it, he was already on top of her as his hands were at the back of her head. He used both hands to protect her head from hitting the floor.

He was even surprised at what he just did. For Christ sake, he almost hurt himself because of the lunatic girl.

He kept wondering what came over him as he stared at her still not moving from his falling position.

This is really tempting! This guy is very handsome. But how did this happen? Why is he not getting up? and why is he staring at me like that? has he forgotten he is a gay? Nicky thought as she stared at him directly in the eyes.

“Please, can you get up? You’re too heavy” Nicky finally said after a short silence.

Richard was so ashamed of himself. The incident was a huge embarrassment to him.

Not knowing the next thing to do or say, he stood up from her and went towards the door.

“Are you not taking the drug again?” Nicky shouted behind him but he ignored her and left.

Nicky quickly kept the drug and ran after him.
There was a long silence as the car drove them away.

Nicky was also embarrassed by what happened earlier that she couldn’t think of anything to say. She became dumb and blushed whenever he turned to look at her side.

When they got to their destination, Richard ordered the driver to stop the car.

“You have to remain inside the car until I return do you hear me?” Richard asked her.

“Why?” She surprisingly asked.

“Just do what I ask you to do”

“I’m your personal assistant and I suppose to go wherever you go”

“Even in the bathroom?”

“I never said that”

“But that’s what you meant by ‘wherever you go’ look I’m your boss, can’t you easily obey me without nagging? Better stay in the car until I return or I will fire you” he said and left, though he didn’t mean the part of firing her.

From the window, Nicky watched him as he walked into a building. She admired him as she remembered what happened earlier. She smiled on remembering the look of embarrassment on his face when she asked him to get up from her.

Trying to take away her mind from him, she looks at the building properly and realized it was a psychiatric hospital!

Why is he here? Is he mentally I’ll or what? she thought as her eyes glued to the hospital’s signpost.

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