Nicky could not believe the whole drama as she sat down on the floor shedding tears. How could he be this harsh on her when she is beginning to like him? Though she had gotten into serious misunderstandings with him in the past, this particular one pained her so much, but why?

After the incident, they started carrying face for each other. They stopped talking to each other as before, even the nagging and their playful fight stopped.

It was very hard for Nicky who likes talking, but for Richard, he had been so familiar with such things, it’s a normal thing for him but truth be told, it wasn’t all that easy for him because they are always together. He is her boss and she is working for him.

Richard still pondered on what prompted him to kiss her on the party that night. He doubted if it was the fact that he wanted to avoid that lady, Angel.

After remembering certain things about her, her simple, confident and funny way of life, he sometimes felt like apologizing to her for been harsh on. But he wouldn’t just want to stoop so low to do that. He had never done it in his life and he would not do it.


Richard’s driver had just returned from dropping her off at her place when he saw her key in the car, she forgot it!

“Sir I think Nicky forgot her key in the car should I return it to her?” the driver asked.

Richard did not want to hurt his ego by apologizing to Nicky for been harsh on her, although, he had been looking for ways to bring her back to her normal self – her funny and talkative nature. The nature that had brought the two of them this far. That is her true nature and she had deviated from that nature due to the incident that took place the last time. She no longer talks to him as before.

Now he saw the key as an opportunity to lure her.

“No, let me have it. She will come and get it herself” he said and took the key from his driver.

“But that will be a big stress to her,” the driver said sounding concerned.

“Don’t worry you can go now”

Richard kept the key on the table in his sitting room and went to take his usual long bath.

Unknown to him, Angel, the lady at the party had followed him home.

She easily got into his house and made for his bedroom.

She had been there before when Richard’s father brought her to meet Richard.

When she got into his bedroom, she noticed that the shower was on. That means Richard is taking his bath, she thought as she smiled to herself. This is the great opportunity she has been looking for. She quickly pulled her clothes and got a towel for herself from the guest room.

Nicky was so angry when she searched and searched for her key but couldn’t find it.

That means she had forgotten it in the car because she remembered bringing it out of her back while in the car.

The thought of it upset her because she is sure the driver must have gone home and that means she would have to face Richard her enemy. She would need his help.

She later boarded a taxi after deciding against the idea of breaking her door’s lock.

Soon she arrived at Richard’s place. She stopped at the door and waited for some minutes, possibly she was thinking of how to approach Richard.

Finally, she knocked on the door and waited to see his mean face.

To her greatest surprise, a lady opened the door. She had seen her before. She was the lady at the party that night Richard kissed her but why is she here? and… and why is she on a towel? Does it mean she is having an affair with Richard? Is she his girlfriend? Nicky sadly thought as she stared at the lady who covered her nakedness with a very small towel.

“Who are you? and who are you looking for?” Angel asked Nicky even when she knew who Nicky was, the girl that goes to places with Richard, the girl he kissed at the party. She wondered if Richard had any feelings for her.

“I’m here to see Richard” Nicky said trying to be strong.

“You want to see Richard for what? why are you disturbing him? Didn’t he tell you that he has a fiancée? didn’t he tell you we would be getting married soon? What did you want from my future husband? Oh! I get it, you’re now following him up and down because he mistakenly kissed you the other day? My dear, he was only playing with you. We had some issues then and he wanted to use you to make me jealous but thank God we are back now. We have settled our differences. So what did you want him to do for you because as I’m speaking to you right now, he is in the shower and he wouldn’t like anyone to disturb him tonight? I would have joined him in the shower if not for your knock on the door.”

“Please, I only came to collect my key which I forgot in the car” Nicky managed to say. She was beginning to lose her mind. So Richard has a girlfriend?

“Your key?” Angel asked as she turned and looked around the sitting room and fortunately she saw the key on the table, she took it and gave it to Nicky.

Richard came out from the bathroom and started hearing a voice. This one she is talking to herself has she finally come back to her normal self? her talkative nature!

Yes, he was expecting her and he was happy she later came.

He decided to make her uncomfortable by going to the sitting room the way he came out of the bathroom.

When he got to the sitting room he almost ran mad at what he saw. Angel was putting on a towel and was probably talking to Nicky!

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