Nicky woke up the next day feeling very weak and tired as she felt pain on her head.

Her mind went back to what she saw at Richard’s place. How she got into the bar and ordered for drinks. That was the least she could remember. But how come she ended up in her bed? Who brought her home? She knew she got drunk and did not remember where she kept her key but who opened her door?

The more she tried recalling what happened the previous night the more she got even more confused.

She couldn’t remember removing her shoes and pulling her top. The person that brought her home must have done that and left her with her skirt and singlet. Thank God he/did not tamper with it but who could that be? Nicky wondered.

She sluggishly stood up from her bed and went and stood in front of her standing mirror.

He eyes red and swollen as a result of crying the previous night.

Though her eyes were red and swollen, her lips were even worst.

She went closer to the mirror and examined her lips more closely. It was not as it is used to be. It was tampered with. Her mind quickly went back to that night at the party when Richard kissed her. Her lips now were no different from her lips that night after the kiss.

It’s now obvious that someone kissed her in the night, in her drunken state but who was that?

She went back to her bed and she found a golden wristwatch as she wanted to sit down.

The golden wristwatch was similar to the one Richard normally puts on.

She picked it up and inscribed on it was “RICHARD DOMINIC”

She stared at it for what seems as a long time as the events of last night came playing in her head.

She thought to see Richard the previous night was all imagination but there was a proof, his golden wristwatch, and the kiss!

She couldn’t bring herself to assimilate that truth yet, she wanted to be sure. But how can she know the truth?

Apart from Richard, there is someone else who could tell her what she wanted.

She quickly rushed into the bathroom, took her bath, got prepared and went to that bar.

Luckily for her, she found the man who served her drinks the previous night.

“Good morning Sir” she greeted.

“Good morning what can I do for you?”

“I came here last night so I…”

“Okay I think I remembered you, you were the girl who got drunk last night”

“Did I pay the bill?” she asked trying to indirectly get information from him.

“No, your boyfriend did”

“My boyfriend?”

“Yes he paid the bill and took you home”

“Please, sir can you describe him for me?”

“What kind of problem is this? Why are you interrogating me this early morning? Aren’t you clear from what you drank last night? Don’t you know your boyfriend again? Or do you have more than one boyfriend? Who doesn’t know Richard? Please leave me alone it’s too early.”

“Sorry sir I don’t mean to disturb you” Nicky apologized and left.

Now she fully knows that the Richard she saw last night was real and not a hallucination!

She boarded a taxi and headed to his place.

She wanted to boldly, courageously and confidently confront him but her spirit died down as soon as she saw him.

Richard opened the door and starred the living hell out of her before leaving the door for her to step in.

Nicky expected to see the lady, Richard’s fiancée but it seems she was gone and she felt relaxed about it.

“You came very early today is everything alright?” Richard asked in pretense.

“Did you take me home last night?” Nicky asked him in a rather harsh tone.

“I think so”

“You think so?”


“Why did you tell the bartender that I’m your girlfriend?”

“You’re a girl and you’re my friend so automatically that makes you my girlfriend” Richard stated.

“We are nothing like friends, I’m only working for you, that’s all”

“You are wrong because we are”


“If I wasn’t your friend I wouldn’t have helped you last night. Paying your bills, taking you home, pulling your shoes, cloth and placing you on your bed”

“Why did you do it? Who told you I needed your help?”

“Of course you needed my help so badly last night, for if not for my help who knows where you would have been by now”

“That’s none of your business, you should be more concerned about your lover whom you played with my emo…oh my God, Richard did you kiss me late night?” she shouted at him.

“Oh it’s already time,” Richard said looking at the wall clock as he tried to ignore her question.

“I’m talking to you Richard”

I think I will give you the reply when we come back. For now, we have to rush somewhere ”


“Yes, aren’t you my personal assistant?”

“I want to quit”

“You have to give me notice and a resignation letter before doing that”

“I’m now giving you the notice”

“What of the resignation letter? and besides, you didn’t give me the notice on time”

They got into the car and drove off.

“Where are we going to?” She asked him.


“At least you should let me know”

“Not until we get there”

After driving for what seemed like an hour, they arrived at their destination.

“Why did you bring me here?” Nicky asked when she noticed they were at that psychiatric hospital.

“My mother wants to see you”

“To see me? But you asked me to stop coming here”

“Not when I ask you to come with me”

“Richard you always surprise me, I don’t even know the kind of person you are. How can you…”

“Oh God! Nicky you nag a lot. Your nagging alone is enough to kill your husband”

“It’s none of your business”

“I should have fired you before now”

“Please it’s not yet too late, you can do it now”

“It is too late”


“See how you’ve succeeded in making me talk too much but anyway we would discuss that when we get back.

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