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When Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend?

propose to your girlfriend

When Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend? When is the best time to propose to your girlfriend? Are there signs that give the ‘go-ahead’ signal in a relationship? Jump in here to know when you should pop the question with your knees kissing the ground.

Finding the right partner is not the easiest thing to do at all. So if you’ve finally found in your partner the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, Congratulations, man!
You’re now certain that you don’t want to spend your life with anyone else.

Now after some while of getting to know each other and playing the lovebirds thing, you are probably bothered about when exactly is the right time to propose. Well truth be told, the answer you seek totally varies with each individual, so there is no magic recipe for it.

One of the biggest trouble with the engagement process is that most men have no idea what they are doing, and this doesn’t often work out well for the waiting and wondering woman.

She seems happy with the current relationship, but is she ready to commit to a lifetime? This post will take you through knowing when you should propose to your girlfriend.

Though I’ve never proposed to anyone, I have been on the study of proposal strategy, so please read on for a few ways to determine if she’s ready to say, “Yes!”

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a long time or a short period of time, you may start asking yourself: “Should I propose?”
And even the old saying that goes “when you know, you know,” isn’t just the situation at hand.

There are certain signs which I shall share with you in this particular article that gives the go-ahead signal (some are pretty obvious; others are a bit subtler) that it’s time to take her to Bogobiri house at Ikoyi, go down on your knees, bring out the box and pop the question.

Never propose to a woman unless you know what her answer will be.

Yes. No proposal until you are quite sure if what her answer will be. This is the first thing I want you to put in mind.
A man will want to hear her say that she wants him to propose and she wants it now. If you end up proposing to her without getting the answer you longed for,you may become an internet meme for Instablog9ja.

I was only kidding. But to avoid a story that touch, you should continue reading.

If you and your partner meet the following requirements, then your marriage proposal should be answered with a big and happy YES.

When Should You Propose to Your Girlfriend? Let’s get to the points

Signs that it is the right time to propose to your girlfriend


1. You’ve discussed starting a family together

Are you both already planning joint investments, i.e building a house, or have even spoken of children, already planning trips with your partner for next year?.

It’s obvious already that Life should further together. The marriage proposal is just a formality. Wondering “should I propose?” The“should we have children” discussion is pretty a factor that signals the right time for you to propose to her.

This also shows that you and your partner are happy with your relationship and that you want to stay together for a lifetime.

2. When you both are transparent about your finances

Don’t take this so slightly because if one or both of you are deeply in debt, money (or any other lack) could be an immediate source of conflict in your marriage.

And I’m not saying that you must know each other’s salaries to the last figure, but being transparent about your finances will prevent the embarrassment of “You owe how much on your credit card?”. Despite your undying love and devotion, money does matter to some extent.

3. When she’s giving greenlights already, that’s okay

It’s OK when your partner is dropping hints. Maybe your significant other mentioned how they’re really into diamond rings. Or they’d love to honeymoon in The Whispering Palms Resort at Badagry. If your instinct is to change the subject or shrug off the idea of engagement entirely, you’re likely not in a position to propose.

In this case, the only thing left to do is to start brainstorming ways you want to pop the question with our wedding proposal checklist.

4. Is she the first person you call with good or bad news?

It’s simple. If you’re asking yourself “when is the right time to propose?” think about if you’d feel free discussing personal and sensitive topics with your partner.

A big part of a successful marriage is feeling comfortable discussing all types of subjects with your partner… If the answer is yes, it’s a sign of a good match. Go ahead.

5. You start getting comfortable with her family (especially her dad)

While Nigerian Dads are naturally serious with their son inlaw-to-be, whenever a man is with his girlfriend’s dad may or may not mean he’s going to be asking permission for engagement.

This particular sign is a bit like slaying the dragon in order to win the heart of the princess. But you are not slaying anybody literally, though.

One very easy way to make that eventual conversation with her easier is to build up a close relationship with her pops. Afterall, Getting married to someone means you are marrying into their family.

When I’m serious about a woman, I’ll fill her in when people important to me think highly of her. So, you might not just ask her dad either.

6. Thumbs-up from your friends

An active opposition between friends and your future spouse can be a obvious red light!
Irrespective of the foundation, a relationship becomes tough when your friends don’t want anything to do with your better half.

On the contrary, if your friends have become a fan and have given a resounding thumbs-up, you can rest assured that you won’t have to spend your life choosing a priority between them.

If you’ve dated someone whom your friends didn’t like much in the past, then you’ll probably understand my point here. It doesn’t mean that the thought of your friends should influence your relationship

7. When Your mutual feeling of love or strong attachment is equal

When your relationship with your girlfriend has reached the point where you both love each other equally, it is a signal that the foundation for a good marriage has been created as well as a positive outcome for the forthcoming proposal.

Above all things, having an affection of the same level is already the best basic requirement for your engagement proposal and its subsequent approval.

The longer a relationship lasts, the more often small clashes will occur

Inevitably true, But in this case, you will now be able to step back and look at the bigger picture.

propose to your girlfrend

8. When you see her at their very worst and still love her anyway

Not only in appearance. Do you support your girlfriend during hard times such as family drama and trouble, an illness, or job issues?
If yes, then it implies that you’re well-suited for conjugal bliss.

Since a long and healthy marriage is sure to have its ups – and definitely, it’s down, your love for her even when she’s at her very worst is a vital ingredient for marital growth.

9. For the right reasons, you are certain she will say ‘yes’ to you

If you’ve been following me since the beginning of this article, I made it known to you that you should never propose until you are certain of what her answer will be. And I joked about being a internet meme eventually.

Propose when you know you’re both on the same page about spending your lives together, not when you’re trying to salvage your relationship.
Another big mistake most men make is that they try to make things right by proposing when the ups and downs of their relationship are seemingly countless.

If you feel the chance of your partner accepting your proposal is slim, it’s probably not the right time to ask, wait a little longer. If you propose just because you want a quick fix, your partner might turn unintentionally bruise your ego or—even worse—they might be blinded by the moment and accept your proposal only to doubt their decision later on – or even regret it in a lifetime.

10. When both of you find the concept of marriage appealing

From the other side of the waters, it has stretched its influencing hands into Nigeria. In recent times, it is no longer a social obligation to marry unlike in the time of our fathers and grandfathers. Even, some people can and want to do without the tax advantages.

If you know that the concept of marriage appeals to your partner, then the conditions for a marriage proposal already exist. Even if the relationship is going well and it’s certain that the future will be spent together, there are people who don’t want to get married.

11. What do You know about her past relationships?

Here, this is quite a sensitive subject to discuss with her but in order to face the future, you have to know about the past. Ask about her past relationships but not in an interrogative manner.

I understand that you don’t have to know every dime detail of your partner’s past breakups. Nevertheless, it is still crucial to know about your partner’s former relationships, what happened and how it ended.

12. You know exactly what will make her calm

Before you even think of proposing to her, you want to be sure that you are in tune with your partner’s personality.
Knowing what will push her button is what can give you an affirmation.

As long as Arguments and disagreements are a part of even the strongest relationships, it is important that you know exactly what will tick your girlfriend off and make her feel better, too.

13. You do each other well, that is, being compatible

It is time for a proposal when you feel that the relationship between you and your partner enriches both of you. if give each other freedom and you show understanding, then you both will make a great couple!

14. She embraces the Idea of sharing a last name

While a shared last name is not a requirement for good marital life, it definitely remains a move toward getting hitched (if you and your partner are into it)

Not only this, but it is also a sign that you’re both comfortable with the idea of marriage and the Nigerian traditions that may come with it.

15. When you unlock the passwords to her Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest easily

Oh, I can see those lines on your forehead now. You may actually don’t want to try this. You don’t have to.
However, it is just another sign of how well you know your partner.

propose to your girlfrend

16. You know good and bad times

Does she tolerate your “quirks” and vice versa? It is also important that you cultivate healthy conflict. The more time you spend together, the better you get to know your girlfriend with all her quirks.

If you as a couple have not only experienced good times but also bad, the conditions are good for a marriage. Every thing shouldn’t just be rosy. So it doesn’t come like a big deal when you both have a little disagreement in your marriage. It is also an indicator that you both will stick together in all situation of life.

17. You usually celebrate the holidays together

you and your partner want to spend happy times together? Always?

You both cant help but always plan on how to spend vacations together?

Then that may be an answer to the  “when should I propose” question that has been bothering you.

18. You know whether they’re a saver or spender.

Prior to proposing, you should be ready to discuss your finances more in-depth soon. Although, you don’t have to have a detailed credit history for your partner – at least not yet – but Having a sense of your partner’s financial status and history is essential.

if you’re planning on taking the next step in your relationship, you should know whether they’re a saver or spender.

19. You must have been learning about each other’s religious beliefs and traditions.

Lastly,  Understanding each other’s cultural beliefs is an important step toward starting a life together.

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