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Happy New Month Messages To My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

happy new month messages to my boyfriend

New Month Prayer points for Breakthroughs – Happy new month messages

You can also send these collection of new month prayer points for breakthrough to your loved ones

41 I wish you the very best of the new month
May God perfect all that is yours this new month

42 All your failures will go away like the sands of time
And your time of success will be this new month
I pray this and many more for you

43 You need to start a new thing today
You need to forget the past
And be happy for the beginning of a new month
Happy New month to you

44 May happiness never depart from you
God will provide all your needs according to his riches in glory
May you experience breakthrough this new month
May God be with you
Happy New month

45 Knock knock
Who’s there?
We are here
Wealth, happiness, Peace of mind, breakthrough, long life and prosperity
We are here and will be with you
All the days of your life

46 Seconds became minutes
Minutes became hours
Hours became days
Days became weeks
Weeks became months
And months is now becoming a year
I pray that all the good things on earth will forever be yours this new month
And always

47 The land will bring forth fruits of awesomeness
The sun will shine on your land in richness
The rain will fall upon you with blessings
It is your month
Arise and shine for the light has come

48 This is your best month yet
The previous months has come and gone
But I know this month will bring you  the very best the year has to offer
Happy new month

49 This is the month where you will be enthroned
This is your month of big success
This is your month of world fame
This is your month of everything amazing
This is just your month

50 Welcome to the new month
The month where you will be blessed and honoured
I know that the gates of heaven are wide open for you
And send the showers of blessings upon you

Happy new month messages to girlfriend

Let us see some best collections of happy new month messages to girlfriend

51 You will never lack this new month
Things will abound in plenty for you and your house
You will never have any course to breakdown
You will have every course to breakthrough
Happy new month

52 I pray for you darling that before the end of this month
All that you have desired and wished for
Will become yours in the name of Jesus
Happy new month my dear
God be with you

53 This new month will be your month of glory
Go ahead and have fun

54 I send you this message from my heart
That you will rise up and do good things
Today and forever
Happy new month

55 Always see one month as a period of your life
And not just as the time in your calendar
Remember to enjoy and have the best of it
Travel, meet people, do charity
And remain thankful for the gift of life
Happy new month

56 You are on your way to happiness
And this month is just another step to it
So forge ahead, do good, work hard
And everything will be yours for keeps
Happy new month

57 Time is the money
And time is indeed important to someone like you
Acknowledge it, make use of it appropriately
And remember to thank God for the incredible gift he has given you
have a wonderful month filled with all the joy of life

58 May this month become your most memorable ever
May every second in every minute of everyday
Bring you all the surprise and joy
Today and every day
Happy new month

59 We prayed for the new month
And now it is here
It is now time to go back to the drawing board
And re-strategize
It is our month and we need to own it
Happy new month darling

60 If you have been waiting for something
Since the beginning of the year
And it hasn’t come to fruition
I pray that it will happen this new month
And we will have to reason to be thankful to God
Enjoy your month

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