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Happy New Month Messages To My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

happy new month messages to my boyfriend

Happy New Month Messages to my Mother

161. Mummy, I pray that in this new month you will increases in good health and that you find favour in the sight of men and God. All that you have prayed for in this last months, God will answer. You will wake up everyday bright and happy in this new month. Sadness will never overshadow you. Happy new month mom.

162. I know you encountered pain in the last month, but this month you will never have any reason to be in pain. What God has started in your life will be perfected and you will double your testimony in church. You are a living testimony already and a living testimony will you be for generations not yet born. Happy new month Mother, I love you.

163. Let the sun shine, let the wind blow, let the rain fall. They will always do that for you and not against you. You have been a shining light and a role model to all women in our family and in the society and in this new month, you will glide fearlessly to the direction of God for you. You are blessing to this generation. Happy new month Mommy.

164. Your life will always be a point of reference for everyone in this surrounding. God will ease all your pain away finally. The battle that has been conquered will never rear its ugly head again. You will be the queen of your world and Satan will never come near you because you are the daughter of the most high God. Happy new month Mom, you are simply the best.

165. In this new month you will have joy in all sectors of your life. You will sing songs of victory because God will do great things in your life and as you go along your daily vocation everyday, your mouth will be filled with praises because God will take you out and bring you in hale and hearty. Happy new month Mother.

166. I remember all that you have done for me today as a mom and this first day of the new month is a perfect day to send my new month wishes and greetings. You will reap the fruit of your labour in Jesus name. Everyone will look at you and thank God for your life and for how hard you have toiled and labored to bring the best out of your children. Your contribution to my life, I will always appreciate and cherish. I love you Mom. Happy new month to you.

167. By the grace of the almighty God, you will live beyond the number of years you expect to live. God will be with you, guide you and protect you beyond everything you have looked at. Today marks the beginning of greater, amazing things in your life. You will never lack anything good from today henceforth in Jesus name. Amen

Romantic new month messages for her

168. Open your mind to patience because patience opens the key to all the doors of fulfilment and success. When you are patient, you learn how to be hardworking and to practice without grudges. The new month has come again. Believe in God to respond to your prayers. Keep working hard and keep believing. God has got you. Happy new month.

169. When you work hard and right with God, he will make the new month of the best and the most graceful month for you. I pray in this new month that you will witness the extra ordinary glory and grace of the almighty. All the dark corners of your life will light up in the glory of the almighty. Just as you follow the commandments of the almighty. He will treat you right and bless you real good. Happy new month dear.

170. The new month of greatness is upon us. Get set to receive all the treasures that will be opened from the gate of heavens. Just as we praise God from early morning to late in the evening. He will send his showers of blessings into your life every second of the day. You will be a shining light of direction to everyone around you. Happy new month darling.

171. At certain times in the new month, you will feel bored and lonely. If at all you need anyone to discuss issues with. Always know that you’ve got me because I’d always be there to support and keep you company. We would share great ideas and be optimistic about the future. Always know that you will be a part of me for a long time. Please save this new month message as a kind reminder whenever that time arrives. Happy new month. Receive God’s grace in your life.

172. I leave you with the lovely memories of the last month. Be rest assured that the memories of this new month will be amazing and special. If we hold forth to the amazing love that has kept us together over the last month, we will always be better in the new month. Happy new month to you darling. Stay breezy!

173. Whenever I want you I just hug my pillows, but when I miss you, that’s the craziest and the most difficult part of having to love you. I know you are not close to me now and for this I miss you more. I am just waiting on the day you will be back here again, and it will be me and you. Happy new month dear. Have fun

174. Every day, my love and feelings for you continue to grow. As the month pass by, I keep looking forward to the time where we will be together forever. You have really shown me how much of a support you have been and I would never take you granted. This new month is our month dear. Happy new month to you.

175. I am sending you this romantic new month message to tell you how much I admire, respect and deeply love you. I love you very much dear and this is another reminder that my love for you will never grow cold nor old. Happy new month my special woman, my adorable and my everything. I love you with everything.

176. There are not a lot people in this world who would count themselves lucky having the best and amazing people by their side. You have been my friend, companion and lover. You have given me amazing feelings of love and contentment. I appreciate the depth of your love and I will forever admire your faithfulness and respect for me. Happy new month darling.

177. We are not perfect and I know. We have our disagreement and ups and downs, and this has surely made us better in every way. On this special new month, I want you to know that I love and appreciate and I look forward to our forever, which is very soon. Thanks for being an amazing friend and a lover. Happy new month to you darling.

178. You inspire me every day. You are indeed an inspiration to this world. When I stare at you, you make me feel why it is so important to have the best and greatest woman in my life. Every day I thank the almighty for bringing you my way. How would I have lived without you, my love. Thank you for everything. I love you.

179. This new month is another reminder that very soon, I am coming to pack your loads from your parents’ and we begin eternity together. You are a special woman who deserves a special man like me. Thanks for loving me so selflessly and for finding all the love in your heart. You are truly an amazing and inspiring lover. Happy new month to you, I love you.

180. You are an elegant and nice woman. You are so beautiful and irresistible. You are special in your own way and I really appreciate your love and support over the years. It’s been a long journey made so short through your love and support. You are indeed amazing, special and different and I am grateful to God for bringing you to me. This new month will be the month where we conquer all obstacles and be better for tomorrow. Happy new month to you, thanks for everything darling.

181. With you I feel so free. With you everything feels so free. With you I know that the future is secure already. With you I see more of me, and I see how deeply concerned and loving you are. You ever want anything bad to happen to me. You are a great lover who believes so much in my future. Thanks for your love darling. Happy new month to you sweetheart.

182. While we struggled through our differences, we got better. While we talked to each other, we listened to one another. Thanks for all the love you have given me in the past months. You are the best friend and supporter ever. Happy new month to you.

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183. Because you are special to me. Because you are the one that lights up my world. Because you are the one that made me different, I want to wish you the very best of the new month. The love of my life, thank you for a wonderful September filled me happiness and the promise of a better future. You are indeed God’s gift to me. Happy new month to us.

184. Happy new month to my one sweet sugar. You have indeed made my month and my year lovable and different. You are the biggest gift that God has ever given and in this new month, we will have all reasons to smile and stay happy. Happy new month dear. Keep shining.

185. The new month is here again my baby, and I am sending all my love to you. My love for you this month will be stronger than the previous months past. I dedicate my life to you wholly and I hope you do same as well. In this new month we will receive the blessings and goodness of the almighty God. Happy new month to you darling, the grace of God is on us.

186. I start this year with you. Your love has made me stronger and different. Ours was not the most perfect relationship but you have shown me that we can weather all kind of storm together. It is the first day in the month of October and I am thanking God for bringing us here. I wish you all the blessings of God in the new month. Live long and prosper. Happy new month to you.

187. Happy new month! Yes November is here, and we are grateful to God for bringing a new month to us. I pray that the tomorrow will bring new tidings and the next day will be brighter than the previous. This month will usher in all the good things that life’s got to offer. We will never miss the glory and goodness of the almighty in this new month. Have the best month dear, God is with you.

188. A new month brings a fresh air that refreshes us from the hustle of the last month. The new month reminds us that as long as we are still alive there is still hope for us all. So, you just do your thing and wait on God for the rest. He’s got us covered dear, happy new you.

Happy new month text to your boss

189. The new month is not just a period in your 2017 calendar, but it is one of the months in your life. Just as you have been a motivator and support to me during the last month, I pray that the almighty God will also support you as you move on in life. You will never lack anything good in your life. You will never lose anyone in your family in Jesus name. Happy new month to you boss.

190. Happy new month to you from me. May the blessings of the new month never elude you. May you not have a wasted month and a wasted year. May all the negativities in your life turn to positivity. You will always remain happy the rest of the month and the rest of the year. The glory of God will envelope your life. Have the most amazing new month.

191. Time is the most precious thing we have in this life. Acknowledge and appreciate it. I pray that God will give you the grace to spend your time in this new month wisely. You will always be the head and not the tail. Just as you have been rising in your position, you will continue to rise this year and beyond. Happy new month to you.

192. You will live long and prosper. The grace of God will never depart from you. You will find happiness in all that you do. You will never be left in want and need, as God will continually provide everything you need for you. Have a happy new month Sir/Ma. Regards to your family.

193. You think because you have not achieved your set objectives in 2017, it is late already. Mind you it is never too late to achieve what you want to achieve. There are two months left to the end of the year, keep pushing, you are on the verge of hitting that amazing achievement. God is with you already. Happy new month to you.

194. Whether the month is a wet November or hot April, the blessings of God will always go with you. May everything you wish for in this new month be yours. May you find favour in the hands of men and God. All the month will be filled with pleasant achievement of your expectations. Have a great month ahead. Greetings.

195. The new month is here
Enjoy it to the fullest
the blessings of God is here
Possess it to the fullest
The goodness of God is here
Receive it to the fullest
Have the best month
Regards to your family.

196. The new month is here as always. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy new month Sir/Ma

197. When the grace of God is on your life, the enemy will only become a spectator. The grace of God is upon you today and will never leave you. Your light will continue to shine in this new month. Have a happy new month.

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