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Happy New Month Messages To My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

happy new month messages to my boyfriend

Happy new month quotes for your love and happy new month messages

Why not send your love some well-deserved happy new month quotes?

20 You have always believed
That you will achieve
All that you have worked on
And so be it
Because you serve a living God
Happy new month

21 You will always find luck
You will always grace
Your blessings are right in front of you
And you will achieve many things in different ways
Happy New Month

22 Remember God has promised you
That all your failures will be a thing of the past
And success will be yours
Do you believe?
Then go ahead and achieve
Have a wonderful month

23 Wishing you an exciting new month
Filled with great things and new experiences
God be with you

24 In this new month
You will have every reason to celebrate
And be celebrated
Happy new month

25 Every day in this new month
Will be filled with
Tremendous blessings
Because it is the will of God for you
Have an amazing month

26 Here is your month of change
Your life will be changed through God
Your life will be beautiful through the change
Your friends will see you as a living testimony
Your prayers will all be answered
Happy new month

27 Remember that change begins with you
Have an exciting new month
God bless you

28 Be happy this new month and
All your prayers will be answered

29 Be as bright as the sun
And be colourful just like the rainbow
And God will bless you
In a bright and colourful way
Happy new month Fam

30 Be as fine as the flowers
And as lovely as the Angels of God
Happy new month
Stay blessed

Happy new month prayers for your love

Who doesn’t need happy new month prayers in this new month! Not Me!

31 I raise my hands today
And I pray for the very best among the best for you
I pray that God guides and support you in so many ways
That all you wish for will be yours
happy new month darling

32 I know that new month always come
With its challenges and ills
But I am sure through God
You will conquer all the challenges
That comes with the new month
Look ahead with vigour and thank God for everything
Happy new month darling

33 I pray that you defeat all challenges that comes your way
This new month (Amen)

34 God will grant you the patience to believe in him
God will give you success in all that you do
Happiness will never be far from
These are my new month prayers for you today
Happy new month darling, God be with you

35 My happy new month prayers for you
You will never lack any good thing in life
You will be better than last month
In every possible way
god be with you today and for the rest of the year
Happy new month

36 I pray that this new month will become one of the greatest
For you and your family
I pray that in this new month
God will shine his lights on your life
I pray that God will give you the will and strength to follow his commandments
And the blessings of the new month will be yours
These are my new month prayers for you darling
Happy new month

37 May God bless you with a very sumptuous new month
May you month be filled with amazing things
You better be prepared to receive his showers of blessings
God’s praise will never depart from your mouth my love
Happy new month darling
It shall be well with you

38 Remember the poor
Give them food to eat
Remember the needy
Give them water to drink
Remember the homeless
help them with a little shelter
Remember the sick
Pray for them
Remember the orphans
Support them in every little way
This way God will remember you
House you, Clothe you
And bless you in a lot of ways
My happy new month prayers to you darling

39 You need a new month resolution
To put you on the right path of achieving
Your set out objectives
As you do this, God will bless you with success
Have a good one and happy new month to you

40 Drop a word of prayer to God
And he will answer you if your heart is true
Happy new month darling

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