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Happy New Month Messages To My Boyfriend or Girlfriend

happy new month messages to my boyfriend

Happy new month messages and Happy new month wishes

62 A new month is upon yet again, the month for us to praise God and be thankful for the gift of life. A time where we need to reflect on the activities of the last month and see how the new one can be better. All you need do in this new month is to believe in God and every line will fall in beautiful places. Happy new month.

63 You need to pray for the path and direction of God in everything you do. You need to request for his mercy and his help in all areas of your life. You need to ask him for guidance all through this new month, and he will surely guide and direct your path. Happy new month to you.

64 This new month will be one of the most blessed new month for you. This new month you will sing and shout to God. This new month will usher in your moment of sincere thanks and praise to God. This new month will be the moment you have waited for all your life. The lord will bless you and be with you this new month.

65 This new month will bring shining lights along your path, this new month will bring beautiful and fresh air all along your ways, this new month will bring all the energy and strength to conquer whatever challenges life has brought your way. This new month is yours. Accept it and you are on your path to greatness. Happy new month

66 Be positive in outlook and thoughts. Look into the future with all the positives that you can think of. Plan yourself and enhance your abilities to accomplish all that you are set out to achieve. I know that God will give you strength, skill and confidence to be on top of all your challenges. Happy new month.

67 The glory of God will shine in your life this new month. Just like the sun shines and no one can cover the glory, so shall God make your glory be in this new month. Believe it and you can truly achieve it. Happy new month you.

68 Ignore your yesterday, forget all that has occurred in the past. Look forward into tomorrow, and be happy for being here today. Remember to give thanks in all situations, remember to ask God for all you need and remember to have faith and stay positive in all situations. Your today and tomorrow is already settled. All you need is to believe. Happy new month.

69 First thing you need to do in this new month is to pray to God and ask for directions. Then you need to ask him for help. You can never achieve anything on your own, but through God. So, go to him in prayers and ask for his perfection in everything you do. He will surely answer all your prayers. My new month wishes to you. Happy new month.

70 In this new month, God will support you with new opportunities. In this new month, God will prevent evil from happening to you. In this new month, God will bless you so much that you will surprised at the number of blessings. In this new month, your glory will shine that you will be an example of faith to others. Your month has arrived, happy new month to you!

71 Ignore all the events of the past days and nights, ignore all the trials and tribulations that may want to bring you down. Ignore all the travails and problems that want to diminish your glory and lessen your spiritual capabilities. Focus on God and ask him for everything you need. Ask him for strength to carry on and fight or your glory. And this new month will be yours for the taking. Happy new month to you.

72 Now is the moment for you to look away from the pain of the past months. When you live too much in the pain, you will be too blind to see all the glory that comes and even the gain. Remember that nobody comes to this life to have all rosy, so live for the struggle, fight it with all your strength and conquer it, because this is your month and you are more than a conqueror. Happy new month to you.

73 In this month, your joy will never leave you for a day. In this month, your songs of victory are all that you will play every day. In this new month, you will begin to move closer to the fulfilment of your destiny. In this new month, all your needs will be met and God will protect you in this new month. Happy new month to you. Rise and shine.

74 You will fly like the eagle in the sky in this new month, you will shine brighter than the sun in this new month, your glory will flow than the tides of the river in the new month. Your tree will bear new fruits in this new month, and you will have every reason to thank God in worship and in praise in this new month. Go forth and conquer. The month is yours. Happy mew month.

75 I wish you the most exciting new month filled with all greatness and perfection. I wish you the most fabulous experience in this new month because you are the daughter for God. I wish you all the blessings that comes with living in faith in all dedication to God. Happy new month dear. God be with you!

76 It is the month where you get to open your mind to opportunities and new possibilities. It is the month where you accept challenges and surmount it with all your power. It is the month where you get to shout in praise for achieving all that you are set out to achieve. It is your month, so live it. Happy new month.

77 I know God will keep you from injury and sorrow in this new month. I know God will send his angels to guide you in all your ways. I know you will encounter no problems or challenges in this new month. Have the quietest and productive month ever. God is with you. Happy new month!

Prayers for the new month

78 What gives the seed power is not how big the size but in the quality of what it brings out from the soil. In this new month all the small efforts you have put into making things turn out great will result in blessings that will surprise you beyond words. Happy new month, May God be with you

79 As you have entered the new month, may you be propelled into the era of positivity and huge productivity. May God bless you in the greatest of all ways and may your mouth be filled with hallelujah from this month henceforth. Happy new month to you and your family.

80 The month of September is here. Happy new month to you and your family. In this new month, I pray that the almighty will finish all the great works that he has started in your life. You will never have any reason to regret your existence in this new month. Have a great one.

81 In this new month, you will find grace and favour. In this new month you will find mercy. All your labour in the past month will bring great fruits and results in the new month. You will rejoice and be glad in the new month. Happy new month to you.

82 You will flourish and expand beyond what you think. You will multiply front, back, left and right. You will increase and manifest beyond in all ramifications. And like the eagle you will soar high into the sky. You will dominate and be the conqueror of all predicaments. Your month is blessed already. Happy new month to you!

83 In this new month, you will find whatever hectic activity easy for you. In this new month, you will find success in all the places you have been experiencing failures. In this new month, you will shine in every place you have seen darkness. Happy new month to you. Rise and shine.

84 You will never lack anything good in this new month. You will always live amid plenty because that is the promise of God to his children. You will break through in this new month. All form of sickness will not be your portion. Happy new month to you.

85 As the new month commences, may God commence your new month journey with you. May your life journey be filled with plenty positive opportunities and may you always remain happy in anticipation of God’s blessings. Happy new month to you.

86 As you enter the ‘Ember’ months, may opportunities come your way. May success be your portion and may happiness never leave your doorstep. May all the dreams you have turn into reality and may all your efforts lead you to immense success. Happy new month to you.

87 In this new month, people will recognize you for amazing success and God will perfect everything that is still left hanging in your life. Your life will become a testimony to others and they will see God in you and rejoice in this month of September. Happy new month to you.

88 The sun in this new month of September will brighten your days. The rains of this new month will bring its showers of blessings on you and your family. The wind in this new month will blow away your problems and the stars of this new month will shine your path into greatness. Happy new month to you.

89 No matter how bad your last month was, you should know there is a reason for God making you to see the new month. He will trust your sadness to joy and make all that you are uncomfortable about comfortable. Happy new month to you. May God be with you in this beautiful month.

90 A new day and another great month is upon us. May your heart be lifted high with happiness, and may all your movements to fulfilment be made possible. As from this new month, you will laugh and dance like David danced. Happy new month to you

91 In this new month, extraordinary blessings will be for you, friends and family. You will not be put tos shame in this new month and may God remember you and your family for good. Have the best of the new month. God is with you already.

92 God will give you the hope you need to stand tall in hopeless situations. He will bring you back to restoration in this new month. God will make a way for you where there seems to be no way. You will sing a new and beautiful song in this new month. Happy new month to you.

93 People will see your achievements and appreciate God in your life. They will hear your story and be shocked as to how far you have come. People will see how different you are and they will want to emulate you. Because God is with you and has strengthened you in the past months. Happy new month to you.

94 God will open every closed door for you this month. He will light every dark spots in your life. He will make all your plans for tomorrow come to fruition and he will make you happy every day of your life. Happy new month to you.

95 In this new month, people will honour you. In this new month, the lord will shine his light upon you. You will never miss the plans of God for you. You will experience God’s favour, mercy and blessings in this new month. You will never lack any good thing.

96 As we start this new and amazing month, I pray that what your heart desires shall be granted. I pray for safety, good health and protection from God for you, such that you will go your own way and no harm will befall you. Have a blissful new month.

97 Each day of this new month will bring happiness and vibrance to you. Success will locate you and sorrow will never be your portion. You will bask in God’s glory every day of the new month and for the rest of the year. Happy new month to you!

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