Whether you are sending happy birthday messages or birthday texts, having a mix of birthday prayer points with give your message the added depth it deserves.

Birthdays will never be complete until we have shown our affection to those that we love, from friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, colleague  to even mere acquaintances, we just need to send our birthday prayer points and wish them the very best as they age in grace. The bestt collection of birthday prayers, amazing birthday prayer points, special birthday prayer points, great birthday prayer points,birthday SMS of prayers are all you will find here and you can gladly share with those that you love.

Great Birthday prayer points to my love

1.  The hands of God will touch with favour, you will be successful in everything you lay your hands on. God will bless you from this day henceforth. You days will be blessed from today henceforth. It is your birthday dear. Rise and shine, God is with you already.

2. Every ray of sun will be declared as the golden grace of God on your life. You will be decorated with grace so much that you will encounter success, prosperity, greatness and everlasting peace in your life. You will be a living testimony of the grace of God in everything you do. The glory of God will never depart from your life. You are a son/ daughter of grace. Happy birthday dear

3. Do not listen to what people say, the grade that you have is not a major separator and determinant to who you are but it is the grace of God that determines who you are. The evidence of prosperity is not a function of labour but favour. You were never promoted based on merit but by the divine of mercy of God. He was  and still is the one that brought you out of the miry clay and he has been with you today. As you celebrate another year today, may his grace surround you. May you be an evidence of multiple prosperity in the name of Jesus. Happy birthday to you.

4. Let me use this amazing opportunity to welcome you to another amazing 365 days of your life. You will continue to grow in the grace of God, in power, strength and grace. You will be lifted high above all the earth and God will place his hands on everything you do. Have a great birthday, God is with you and for you.

5. The little will grow to become bigger. The subtle you will grow to become firmer. Whether your will can’t carry you the grace and mercy of God will drive you there. God will single you out for special and divine upliftment. Sadness will never play its part in your life. You are an evidence of testimony. God is with you today. Happy birthday.

6. Hey, it’s your birthday darling. I pray for more years into your life today. The almighty God will add many years to your present age. You will never lack anything good today and always. Your birthday will be remembered as a day when God’s blessings multiplied in your life. You will be a king of blessings today and forever. Happy birthday to you.

7. The blessings of God will your portion in this special day of yours. The future will bow down for you because the signature of God is already on your tomorrow. You are blessed today and forever. Happy birthday to you. Keep enjoying the grace of God.

8. I am indeed happy and excited to be associated with you on this special day. I want to share my prayers with you. May this day be filled with laughter for you. May the best gifts in life come your way. May you enjoy the grace of God today and forever. May you celebrate many more birthdays on earth. Just as you have risen in happiness today, may the rest of your days on earth be filled with happiness. Happy birthday to you.

9. Wow! your birthday is here again. Beyond your wildest dream will you enjoy the prosperity of God, and you will always have more opportunities to keep shouting hallelujah because God will fill your life with great things this year. The agents of darkness will never come near you because God’s umbrella is upon you always. You are a chosen son/ daughter so I wish you the happiest birthday ever. Enjoy!

10. You are an amazing and special creation of God. It was never a mistake that God created you, because you have been one of the most amazing gift of God to my life. I pray that today and all the rest of your life be surrounded by the warm love, peace and grace of God. It is your birthday, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy celebrations.

11. The long awaited day is here. It is an amazing day of happiness, joy and singing. I pray that God will be with you, and cause you to smile always. You will never be a victim of untimely death. You will live to fulfill the wish of God for your life. You will move from grace to grace and from glory to glory. Peace will surround you today and always. May God be with you darling. Happy birthday.

12. I celebrate with you my dear on your birthday. You have been an amazing gift from God to me and till today I continue to appreciate God for bringing you my way. You made me understand what love means and showed me to be a better version of myself. You are just different and special, and I am indeed excited to be here to witness another birthday yet again. With happiness in my heart, I send my birthday prayers and wishes to you. You will encounter more blessings of God now and forever. Happy birthday to the best lover ever.

13. You are a light that shine to brighten all those that are around. You are the hope for this generation and the generation unborn. You are truly special and amazing, and your birthday is an amazing reminder of the gift of God to all of us in you. I pray today that the oil that God has poured on your head will never run dry. You will move from grace to grace from today till forever in Jesus name. Happy Birthday prince, God be with you!





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