“These two people are really crazy,” Derrick said while facing his friends. Seeing Richard and Nicky arguing on whom to die was really funny and the D3 guys started laughing and mocking them.

They were still making a mockery of them when the police closed in on them.

“Drop your weapons and surrender yourselves, do not move. Any dangerous movement from you, you’re dead” one of the policemen said.

Finally, the D3 guys surrendered and were arrested.

They also disclosed the person who hired them and so the police went and got Angel arrested.

Richard and his father were admitted to the same hospital while Nicky visits them.

The doctor said that Mr. Williams would surely survive but Richard was unsure of Richard. He said Richard has a low chance of surviving because the bullet wounded him deeply.

Nicky kept crying and asking for God’s intervention upon Richard. She couldn’t afford to lose him.

“I’m really becoming scared and if nothing is urgently done now, we might end up losing him.” the doctor said to Nicky.

“What do you mean doctor?” Nicky asked as she broke down instantly.

“Richard seriously needs a blood right now because he had lost a lot of blood.” the doctor said.

“Then what are you waiting for to give him the blood doctor? Please, doctor, I don’t want anything to happen to Richard” Nicky said becoming impatient.

“That’s the problem young lady, his blood group is O and it’s hard to find the blood that would match his blood. We have been searching to buy but we haven’t seen the one that would
match his blood”

“No doctor something needs to be done,” Nicky said crying out loud.

“But nothing can be done”

“You don’t mean it, doctor, please check mine doctor, Richard must not die”

Richard opened his eyes and saw Nicky placing her head beside him. She was sleeping. Richard sat up from the hospital bed and watched her as she sleeps. She looked so tired, weak, worked up and disturbed.

She must have gone through a lot because of me, Richard thought.

He used his hand to stroke her hairs and removed the strands of hair on her face.

Nicky felt someone’s fingers on her face and she slowly opened her eyes.

She saw Richard touching her hair.

She quickly stood up and sat beside him on the bed.

“Richard you’re awake, how are you feeling?” Nicky asked feeling excited.

“I’m okay”

“Are you sure?”


“Are you still feeling any pain?” she asked with great care.

“No” he replied observing her more closely.

“Nicky have you been crying?” he asked touching her face.

“No” she answered pulling away from his touch”let me go and get the doctor for you,” she said trying to stand up. She wanted to avoid his pity, she did not want him to know that she had been crying and starving herself to death ever since he was unconscious.

“Who told you I want to see the doctor?” he asked pulling her back to himself”Nicky you’re the only doctor I need right now “he said putting his arms around her.

“What are you doing Richard? ”

“What does it seem like I’m doing that no man has ever done?”

“Richard we are in the hospital for Christ sake and besides CCTV are everywhere,” Nicky said looking around.

“Even the world press would not stop me this time around so just sit where you are,” he said placing his head on her shoulder.

Mr. Williams and been discharged for a long time and he comes to visit his son.

He also came the day that Richard would be discharged.

He was appreciating the doctor’s skills in saving his son’s life when Richard and Nicky joined them.

“Thank God for Nicky here,” the doctor said gesturing to Nicky who was sitting beside Richard “she donated her blood and thank God it was a perfect match,” the doctor said.

“Nicky? which Nicky?” Richard doubtfully asked.

“The one beside you,” the doctor said.

“I’m finished,” Richard said.

Everyone was surprised at him by saying that. He should be appreciating Nicky who helped to save his life.

“How?” the doctor surprisingly asked as everyone waited to hear his reason.

“Please, doctor does it mean that I will start talking and behaving like her?” Richard seriously asked.

They all started laughing at his childish question.

“Richard you’ve started again. Is like you don’t know that you’ve become a talkative long ago? when my blood was not running in your vein and now that you have my blood in your vein
let me see how you won’t turn into a parrot” Nicky said laughing at him.

“Don’t mind her, it doesn’t work like that” the doctor assured Richard.

Mr Williams, Richard, and Nicky all started out for the psychiatric hospital.

Richard had reconciled with his father.

When Mrs. Williams saw her husband, she quickly stood up and started moving towards him.

Even though she had not seen him for a long time but she still remembered him.

How could she forget her husband?

“I should have come before now,” Mr. Williams said as tears flowed from his eyes.

“Is this really you Williams?” Mrs. Williams asked as she started recovering herself as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Yes honey I’m so sorry,” he said as he hugged her.

Richard and Nicky kept their distance as they watched them.

“Instead of watching them why don’t we start our own?” Richard asked turning Nicky around to face him.

“Start what? don’t you know your type?” She teased him.

“Of course you know you’re my type”

“Even if I will have anything to do with you Mr arrogant then it will not be here. We would have to go home first” she said putting her arms around his neck.

“What if I insist we stay here? he asked as he threw his own arms around her and started kissing her not minding where they were.

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