He took him no stress in recognizing her as the girl who blamed him for her own mistake.

He recognized her because of her hairstyle and some features he couldn’t pick point.

Seeing her almost naked should have forced him to leave instantly but watching the girl as she talked endlessly to herself amused him.

He wondered if she ever makes use of punctuation marks during her speech, she talked continuously without stopping.

“Why is this girl always talking to herself? Is she insane or what? She talks all the time and anywhere that she finds it very difficult to stop talking.
She must surely be talking while sleeping” Richard thought as he stared at her still thinking of what could make her this way.

He thought of the first day he met her, she was not happy and again today she not happy.

What could be her problem? Is she dumped by a guy? Richard thought to himself.

The gentle breeze brought a scent directly into her nose.

She had smelt that scent before, recently, maybe once but she couldn’t place where she smelt it from.

The sudden smell of the scent simply means one thing, that she was not alone. That, someone, was there because probably the scent was not from her and she is sure of that.

The scent became so strong and close that she had to raise her head to know where it was coming from.

To her greatest surprise, she saw a guy who was seriously staring at her.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed.

“Why are you here and what are you staring at?”
She shouted at him as she used the cloth on her hand to cover herself.

Richard ignored her and kept looking at her.

“…Can’t you hear me or are you deaf? ”

Richard could not believe that he allowed himself to be questioned by a lunatic girl.

He ignored her and started walking towards the exit.

How can he stand and stare at me like that? And after satisfying his lustful eyes he wants to get away with it.

Hell no! that will never happen, Nicky thought as she quickly put on her gown and ran after Richard who had succeeded in exiting the Hall.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She asked as she came and stood in front of him stopping him from moving further not minding the presence of students.

“Do you know you’re evil?” She asked pointing a finger at him.

Richard wanted to follow another path but she blocked him.

By now students had started gathering at the spot.

They could not believe that someone, a girl precisely was standing up to Richard to the extent of pointing her finger at his face.

“Answer me you useless coward! What where you staring at!”

Richard wanted to take another path and she blocked him again.

“How could you boldly stand there and stare at a girl who was almost naked?” She barked.

“Thank God you said almost naked, you were not naked” Richard spoke for the first time.

“It’s the same thing you fool,” she said.

“I was not staring at you I was only listening to what you were saying” he explained.

“You’re a bloody liar, a stalker a …” She quickly paused as she recalled something.

She could now place where she first smelled that scent.

“Wait ooo, are you not the arrogant guy who scattered my books the other day and walked

“Move out of my path now” Richard ordered her.
Richard was not the type of person who talks anyhow.

He could spend a whole day without talking.

Many people were surprised to see and hear him talk.

Some people even ran to the scene just to hear his voice for a very long time.

The students were wondering what transpired between him and the girl. They also wondered why he allowed the girl to insult him the way she was doing.

Maybe the girl is a new student who doesn’t know Richard if not she would not have the gut to stand in front of him let alone point at his face.

“Which path? You really disgust me, you’re very stupid, useless and…”

He had been trying to control his anger but this little devil kept daring and tempting him.

He had the insults up to his neck that he could no longer suppress his anger.

He angrily grabbed her by the neck.

Nicky’s mouth which seemed not to be at rest was forced to shut as she began to choke.

“So this mouth of yours can be shut?” Richard thought.

Richard was so angry that all the demons in his body woke up and he glared at the lunatic girl with his red eye.

Fear gripped Nicky as she started gasping for air.
“If you ever open this your mouth and say rubbish to me or try to stand in my way again I promise you I will strangle you here and now,” he said almost all together once, and walked away.

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