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Great And Special Prayer To My Love

prayer to my love

Prayer to my love – In recent times, people don’t only want love, but the one that would make them soul mates. They want a relationship with someone who completes them. Every is looking  for perfection, and while we cannot find perfection, the best bet is people who completes us.

An important journey in life is finding the one that really loves us. When you finally find the one you love, you need to believe, trust and appreciate such person. That makes the person great and special for you.

When two people come together, it is really a great and beautiful feeling. It is therefore important that you pray for your love all the time with these prayers to your love.

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Prayer to my love

Dear Lord

You know I have a clean heart, and pure intentions
I pray for guidance and direction today
In making my soul mate a better version of his/ herself
I pray he/ she loves me just the way I love her
I pray that my love brings me more happiness, joy, peace and success to my life
I want to love him/ her fully and unreservedly
Give me the grace to be more of me so I can be better for him/ her
Let me be strong enough to love, trust and respect him/ her

2. I ask for you guidance to make my relationship better
I want you grace to be able to show love as much as I want
Let your glory radiate in my life oh Lord
Please make my lover believe more in you and our love
Be with us, protect and guide us
Give us the wisdom to handle when things get tough
And the happiness that is seen in a child of God
Let your name be praised in our lives
Thanks for everything.


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