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What Does Heartbreak Feel Like?

What does heartbreak feel like

What does heartbreak feel like? At the time of heartbreak, a lot of emotional thoughts run through our minds. We think of many things. We feel like giving up, we want to end everything, sometimes we think of committing suicide. These are the negative thoughts that find habitation in our heart.

Most of the time, only a few us can cope with these feelings. Heartbreak comes in various ways, such as being duped of a huge amount of money, or probably someone kidnapped or killed your child or someone close to your heart. However, the most common heartbreak on the tongue of man is the relationship heartbreak.

Important Things to Learn From Your First Heartbreak

This is the exact heartbreak I will be talking about in this article. What does it feel like? Have you experienced it before? Have you ever noticed someone experiencing heartbreak and how did he or she feel and how did they handle it? Don’t worry, this is exactly what we shall be talking about here. How do we cope with this trauma in our life and how does it make us feel when it happens to us?

How we feel when heartbreak comes

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Most of the time, the females suffer most of the heartbreaks outbreaks in a relationship. Perhaps it could be as a result of their being more sincere in the relationship due to their emotional weakness when they fall in love with the man they trusted. The level at which someone feels the pain of heartbreak depends on the quality and quantity of his or her commitment to the relationship.

For instance, some partners suffer great trauma after a heartbreak. Probably after being deceived, abused and then used by someone they never believed will dump them for any reason. The horror of the memories shared with the person they now see as a threat to their living will suggest a lot of pains in their heart.

Men, however when serious about relationships and then heartbroken, may endure in their heart but mostly may revenge later. Except in some cases in which some men commit suicide.

In the case study of one Tony Philips who after being dumped by his girlfriend committed suicide on Thursday, March 1st, 2018 according to a Facebook user Moses Benedict Igbafe. This incident was said to have taken place in the Ajah area of Lagos.

These are some of the challenges faced by people during the period of heartbreak.

Now, let us discuss the other effects of heartbreak

How Does HeartBreak Feel Like For A Man?

1. You isolate yourself from everyone

This is one traumatic problem of heartbreak, you will begin to see yourself as low to others around you. You want to figure out why you deserve such treatment from someone you really trusted. Someone you feel like nothing will ever separate you until the end of time. You are actually confused because you can’t imagine that the same person that made a lot of promises to you is now dumping you for another man or woman.

How to Overcome Loneliness after Heartbreak

Most of the time, the trauma gets worse especially when the new lover is not even up to your standards. This will be a big blow to you. You will begin to think of what people will say about you, especially those that are already expecting that the relationship will lead to marriage. Eventually, things didn’t work out as expected. When such a thing happens to you, just know you are not alone. You can always come back to your normal self. Nothing will stop you from getting back to your senses if you are determined.

2. You lose confidence in men or women

I have seen, read or heard about people who lost confidence in any relationship due to the previous relationships they engaged and failed. Such is the psychological danger of a dishonest relationship. You will find out that you can no longer trust other potential lovers that may come your way afterward.

This is a very disgusting experience, your trust for people has been mutilated by a previous bad relationship. I once read on several school mate timeline on Facebook, where she was seeking advice on how to cope with a new guy who has been showing some interest for her.

She had to open up that she is afraid of getting into any relationship with any man due to her early experience. She was once dumped by a guy, according to her. This is a person, who has been active and lively on social media, but I was shocked when I read this about her. That’s exactly what trauma does, you don’t want to be lonely, because it tears your heart apart. For this reason, you decide to wear a character you don’t have.

3. You can’t think straight anymore

This is a very sad story, a person that is known for being active is now dull and miserable. Sometimes, some people will not get themselves again. This trauma sometimes is similar to when you lose your spouse.

Depending on the level of the love between spouses, one of them may not be psychological okay again due to the shock of the loss of their partner they are so used to. It is like the case of George Bush and his wife.

George Bush suffered the psychological pain of the loss of his wife, and eventually, it was not that long, he had to follow her. This is the reason why a person with heartbreak will need a lot of attention so that he or she will not take any action that will hurt them.

4. You may feel suicidal

The Different Stages of Heartbreak

Quite a number of people may not be able to bear the pain of the heartbreak, the next thing on their mind will be to commit suicide. They want to end their own life due to unbearable pains running all over them. Just like the event I mentioned above. Tony Philips had to end his own life since he couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

However, suicide is not the solution to heartbreak, you can always be yourself, relax and find solutions through creative ways to move on in life.

5. You hate people unnecessarily

I have heard about the story of some people especially women who decided to kill other to revenge on another man that hurt their feelings. I personally don’t see any sense in such an act. The sin of another man shouldn’t be paid on innocent men or women.

The victim of heartbreak sometimes may decide to spread HIV AIDS to other innocent men. Although I am not supporting s*x outside marriage because it is my own opinion, due to some cultural background, an innocent man who believes in sex outside marriage may contract a disease that will end his life in the name revenge.

To avoid being cruel this way, someone should consider dealing with only the one that dealt with him or her or forgives and forget.

6. Now you abuse drugs

You can not take the feelings at all, all you do now is to abuse drugs. You want to forget about the pain you can’t control, you feel the best way to help you out is by being under the influence of hard drugs. You are not only killing health but also destroying your morals and image before people who don’t even know your problem.

According to Napoleon Hill, instead of using drugs to achieve some specific goals in life, it is better you use your willpower. Willpower to want to live better again will neutralize the pain you are going through currently.

7. You lose appetite

There are numbers of people who lose their appetite as soon as they experience heartbreak in a relationship. This may not only occur in relationships but some other sphere of life, like when you are being duped by someone you trusted.

I often realize that people going through hard times somehow lose their body weight. It is normal since the person involved has stopped eating well. They just can’t eat anymore even when they try. Many people have lost their lives through this process. This is the reason why I will personally advise that an adolescent should be by all means be prevented from getting into an intimate relationship with another. If eventually, there is heartbreak, it will always affect him or her throughout their life. If you can consider what it means to lose weight all in the name of being betrayed, you may not want such thing to happen to your sister not alone someone else’s.

8. You will develop strong insomnia

Insomnia is a state of not being able to sleep well.

You will keep awake all through the night. There are many instances where people are subjected to sleeplessness due to one trauma or the other. For instance, the story of a king who needed to lose his weight, a priest told him that in the next seven days he will die. Suddenly, the king developed insomnia, lost appetite and then lost about 30 pounds of his weight within seven days. Such is the effect of fear, less sleep, and loss of appetite in human. These are the very negative effects of heartbreak on a person. To avoid such situations, I advise that a person should love moderately.

9. Mental illness

Most of the mental illness cases can be mostly linked to relationships failure. There are people who need serious attention due to the challenges they face due to their mental state. They are not just the same person again. They have lost it all, now they need the help of a counselor or therapist to regulate their well-being. At this point in time, I urge that you sit back and think for a while. What do you think this kind of trauma will mean to you if it eventually happens to you? If you are reflective enough about this, it will serve as a reason why you will not want to break someone’s heart.

These are the ways we avoid evil or mistakes that will have prolonged negative effects on us or someone else.

10. Prolonged effect on the victim

How do I mean by this? Many women with such heartbreak experience, the ones I know that are close to me, whose identity I cannot share without their consent even on the platter of gold. These women have a problem trusting men except a few of them who still take some risk through faith. I have seen them seeking for one help or the other from people who don’t even have any solution to their problems. It is highly important for people to avoid heartbreak. You can avoid it by being moderate. Some people may disagree with my opinion, it is normal because we all have different opinions, however, is it not better to avoid a disaster you can see coming?

11. Your Joy is gone

There is an adage “You cannot give joy when there is no happiness in you. “ It’s true, even when you pretend to be fine, deeply in you, there is a big disaster killing you gradually. The effect of heartbreak can steal away from your joy. You will not find that peace you used to have in you anymore. All you think of is how to escape this excruciating pain in you. Sometimes, you lose you thinking faculty, i. e. you think of funny but dangerous things such as trying to end your own lie, or planning to harm the one that broke your heart or any similar gender.

Heartbreak has a lot of negative effects, it can lead to genocide or xenophobia.

12. You lose focus at work or School

Suddenly, you realized you have lost interest in almost everything. You want to cope at work but it is very hard for you to do so. Many things have occurred. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is better you share your problems with people you trusted and will give you good advice. People who will not use your state of mind to manipulate you into doing more wrongs.

These tips should go a long way helping readers to understand the state of mind they will go through when they encounter such fate in life.

What Can Someone Do To Get Over HeartBreak?

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