Nicky arranged a meeting for Richard and his father without Richard’s knowledge.

She had gone to Mr. Williams and pleaded with him to settle the issues he has with his son and consider forgiving his wife because she was wrongly accused.

Richard was waiting for Nicky who asked him to wait for her at a place but instead of seeing Nicky, he saw his father walking up to him.

He knew it was planned by Nicky, that girl is so cunning, he thought.

“Good day,” Richard said to his father with a frown.

“I’m your father and I think you should honor me with that title.”

“Good day dad”

“Good day son how are you?”

“As you can see I’m fine”

“I can see that so why can’t we…” the elderly man suddenly stopped as he saw about three deadly looking guys aiming their gun at Richard. It’s obvious they were killers who were sent to kill his son but Richard was not aware of what was happening.

The guys were all in black. Mr. Williams saw one of the guys pulling the trigger. He quickly pushed Richard away and used his body to wage the bullet.
For real? A gunshot? Someone attempted to shoot him but his father took the bullet for him? But who would want him dead? Who has he wronged?

The killers must still be around to make sure they get him because his father was a wrong target.

His mind quickly went to Nicky.

Where the hell is she? I pray she is saved wherever she is, Richard thought as he brought out his phone still at his lying position and phoned Nicky.

“Hello Nicky, where are you?”

“Are you already missing me?” She said from the other side of the phone.

“I’m serious Nicky where are you?” he impatiently asked and listened “okay just stay there, don’t come out until I ask you to ”


“I will tell you later but just do as I say”

“Richard I’m not your maid”

“Don’t be silly Nicky just stay where you are” Richard said and cut the phone not wanting to hear anything she would say again.

Seeing his father in a pull of blood moved him so much.

He never knew that there is a part of him that loves his father despite all the hatred he harbored for him since he was a child.

Or is it because he just risked his life to save him? Is it because he was his father? Or is it because he is now having the feeling like a real human being?


Why did he ask me not to come out? What is happening? Is he having a crash with his father? If that is the case then I’m going there, Nicky thought and headed to where she earlier left
Richard to meet with his father.

Richard was still thinking of the next step to take with care when he heard Nicky’s voice. She did not have the slightest idea of what was happening.

Why is she so stubborn? Richard angrily thought.

“Oh my God, what happened to him? “She shouted as soon as she saw Mr Williams lying unconsciously on the ground.

“I told you not to come out Nicky!! “Richard angrily shouted at her.

“But why?” she asked confusingly.

The attackers had seen Nicky when she walked up to Richard.

She was also their target and once they get her then they must surely get Richard. They came out from their hiding place and they aimed their gun at Nicky.

“Just shut up and go back to wherever you’re…” Richard suddenly stopped as he saw the guys in black walking towards them.

They were with guns but it’s only one of them that aimed his gun at Nicky.

“Shit!” Richard said as he dived Nicky using his body to protect her.

They both crashed on to the ground as the bullets meant for Nicky landed on his back.

Nicky was lying on the ground while Richard covered her with his whole body.

“Nicky why can’t you obey me for once?” he asked as he grimaced in pain.

“Please, I’m so sorry Richard” she pleaded feeling scared.

“But I told you not to come out”

“I thought you might be in danger so I decided to come and…”

“To come and do what? Can you save me?”

“Oh my God! Richard, you’re bleeding” she said as she saw the blood dripping from Richard’s body.

“I know,” he said trying not to be harsh on her.

“What are we going to do?” Nicky asked shivering.

“Nothing, I’ve called the police”

“No Richard, we have to stop the bleeding, “she said attempting to sit up.

“Forget it, just keep lying low, the enemies might still be around”

“No Richard you’re loosing too much blood and I can’t watch you bleed to death,” she said as she slightly moved Richard from her body. She was trying to sit up when the enemies came to them.

“Jesus Christ! You guys again?” Nicky shouted as soon as she saw the guys and recognized them as the D3 guys.

“Yea it’s us. Remember we have an unfinished business” Derrick said as he kept pointing his gun at both of them.

“You think you can mess with us and go scot-free never?” Donald said.

“We are here to deal with you as we promised years back,” Dickson said.

“I can see you’re in love Richard, to the extent of giving up your life for a girl. Your father risked his life just to save your life but you risked that life just to save a girl.
It’s a pity!

Well, we have been searching for you for years but we couldn’t find you. Thank God someone contacted us to kill both of you giving us your full details. Can’t you see that what we have been looking for came knocking on our doorstep? She even paid us a huge amount of money so now tell me why we shouldn’t accomplish this mission” Derrick said.

“Please, Derrick I’m begging you, if you must shoot anyone here, that person should be me. Please spare Nicky she had never attacked you guys, I did” Richard pleaded with them.

“What? Did I just hear you? Did you just plead with me? The Almighty Richard Dominic?” Derrick mocked.

“Are you sure this guy is Richard” Derrick turned and asked his friends.

“Me I’m even surprised,” Donald said.

“Richard what are you saying? Nicky asked Richard and turned to the D3 guys.

“Please don’t listen to him, you can go ahead and shoot me but please spare him “Nicky pleaded.

“Nicky” Richard shouted.

“Yes Richard, please stop talking so that you won’t lose much blood”

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