Nicky thought she was already dead as soon as touched the ground after losing grip off Richard’s hands. She has thought people would come to her rescue but instead, they were all telling her “you better stay away from that guy”

She sadly stood up and left.

She went to a spot and sat down. So speechless that she did not know what to make of what just happened.

Of course, she caught the guy staring at her but he denied it saying that he was only listening to what she was saying.

How could he lie like that? Oh God! this school is worse than I thought. Troublemakers, liars, and intruders are everywhere, she thought.

She was still lamenting when a girl walked up to her.

“Hi” the girl said.

“Hi” Nicky replied.

“I’m Doris nice to meet you”

“I’m Nicky nice to meet you too”

“Can I sit?” Doris asked pointing at a space beside

“Sure you can”


” You’re welcome ”

“I suppose you are a new student in this school right,” Doris asked.

“Yes, how do you know?”

“The earlier encounter you had with Richard is enough to prove that”

“How? What do you mean by that?”

“My dear if you knew that guy, you will not even have the gut to mention his name let alone going close to him.”

” Why? Is that more of the reason people were telling me to stay away from him?”

“That guy is a man alone. Ever since he came into this school, he disassociated himself from people. He doesn’t like dealing with anyone, he doesn’t talk to anyone.
I was more than surprised seeing him talking to you today. “Most people who ran to that scene only came to see and hear him speak” Doris added.

“I don’t really understand you, you mean he doesn’t communicate with people at all?”

“Yes, and if I may ask what brought about the misunderstanding between two of you?”

“There was a stain on my cloth and I went into that Hall,” Nicky said pointing at a long White painted building.

“Which Hall?” Doris doubtfully asked.

“That White one over there “Nicky replied, pointing at it again.

“What! You mean you went there? To do what?” Doris screamed out of uttermost shock.

“I went there to pull my cloth and remove the stain at it’s back” Doris replied with a puzzle-like look on her face.

“Don’t you know that that’s where Richard always stays, I suppose you don’t know that”


“No other person goes there except him”

“Is he God?”

“My dear he is not but he is been treated like one.

Now let me advise you, if you want to have peace of mind in this school as well as stay long here, there are some people you clearly need to stay away from”

“Who are they?”

“First of all, you must avoid coming in contact with Richard”

“His name is Richard?”

“Yes, and the next people are the D3 guys. They are bent on frustrating students in this campus. They are very dangerous but could you believe that Richard alone beat up the three of them at once. What I’m trying to say is that these four guys are dangerous especially Richard”

“I can’t allow myself to be intimidated due to fear. Richard intruded my privacy and starred at my bare body and you expect me to keep mute?”

“But he said he never starred at your body but was listening to you”

“How could you believe that?”

“I believed him because he has nothing to do with your body. I mean this guy does not like girls in particular. Do you know how many girls are dying just to speak with him? Just to be with him for a second? My dear, you’re even lucky that he spent his time listening to what you were saying”

“I can’t believe this” Nicky muttered under her breath as if talking to herself.

“Better believe it because I’m a witness to it. There was one of my friends called Bella. She wanted to get his attention by seducing him inside the class but he ended up disgracing her in public and made it clear to her that he is not interested in girls”

“He is not interested in girls?” Nicky surprisingly asked.


“Does it mean he is Gay?” Nicky asked.

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