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Romantic Valentine Messages For Boyfriend or Girlfriend | 2020 Top Messages

romantic valentine messages

41. I place my love in your hands, hoping you will take care of it now and always. Happy Love’s Day to us baby.

42. I want you, I love you, I need you forever and ever. No one can take your place in my heart. I live to be yours and yours alone. Kisses for you today and always.

43. Wherever we are and whatever situation we are in, you are my first thought and I promise to make you the last of my thoughts. I appreciate you my love, today, and always.

44. If you are going to love me, I will be in your heart. If you are going to hate me, I will be in on your mind. The choice is yours to make. Just know that my love for you is true and real. Happy Valentine’s Day

45. You bring me so much joy. With you, I feel very complete. I feel I can conquer the world as you are my heart, my hope, my love and all. Happy Roses Day to you darling.

46. As the messages of beauty spread around. As the atmosphere is clouded with love and feelings. Let me use this opportunity to remind you that I love you again and again and again. Even to the end of the times.

47. You have been my friend through all times. You stood by me in all you can. I hope you are loved and appreciated as you well deserve this season. Happy Valentine’s Day to a wonderful one.

48. Let me hold on to you. Let me feel you. Let me appreciate you. Let me love you. and will you please be my Valentine?

49. I don’t have to wait until this day to celebrate you. I don’t have to express my emotions in only one day of the year. I love you and you know it. Happy Rose Day to my Valentine.

50. Words? gifts? candle lights? tricks? movie date? surprise party? cards? special messages? I don’t have to wait till Valentine’s day for these. You are sweet, my special one. I celebrate you today and always.

51. You are a gift from the heavens to me. You are my strength and my weakness. You are all that love is. You are a special one. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.

52. The one who knows me completely, the one who trusts me completely, the one who loved me completely. That is just you. Do I love you? Yes! Now and always!! Happy Love’s Day my heartbeat.

53. Let the chords ring out loud, my special one is you and just you. I do not have a worry in the world. I just love you dearly, always. Happy Valentine’s Day

54. This is for you, my beautiful, special, amazing, caring, largehearted, incredible and overwhelming friend. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

55. Knowing you was my greatest achievement. I will always hold onto you forever, you are my dream come through. Happy Love’s Day.

56. I choose you, you chose me. This love is incredible. Can we be together forever? I love you with the whole of my being. Happy Valentine’s Day my everything.

57. You can always hold to me, cry to me, scold me, fight me, tolerate me. But don’t let me go. I won’t either. Our love is divine and pure.. I love you my valentine.

58. I admire the way you make me fall in love with you more daily… I love you now and til the end of me. Will you be mine?

59. I feel so happy around you. Your memories brighten up my day and fill me with smiles when you’re not here. I don’t have to tell you that I love you. You know I do and I always will. Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life.

60. I have loved you since the day I met you. You completely take over my heart again and again. I won’t bother to request my heart back. just keep it safe and let me love you always. Happy Love’s Day to us.

61. Mentally, you captured me. In my heart, I am filled. I know that if I am yours I will always be filled with this unique love we share. Happy Roses day to my heartbeat.

62. ‘I Love You’ seems ordinary to me. I would rather say ‘You are the Love of my Life’. Happy Valentine’s Day my queen.

63. Because you are special to me, I appreciate you in a special way. Can I dare to ask you to be my Valentine? I Love You.

64. You are my love and friends forever…! Happy Valentine’s Day!

65. I love you yesterday, I love you today, I love you now, I love you always. I won’t ever change my mind, so will you be my Valentine?

66. To the one who makes me smile. To the one who makes me want to go that extra mile. To the one, my heart beat fiercely for. To the one whose thoughts fill my days. To the one whose image fills my dreams. To the one who love me just the way I am- Happy Love’s Day baby.

67. Though I may try to hide it, everything that is good about me is because I love you. You mean the whole wide world to me my dearest. Happy Valentine’s Day.

68. I wish to show you how much I love you. But moments like these words fail me completely. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever.

69. Even if you hate me, I love you. even if you hurt me, I love you. Don’t push me away. This does not only exist in my dreams. you are a part of me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

70. You are the best and most beautiful thing that has happened to me. Do you know if I have never met you, I would still miss you? Yes, I really love you.

71. I want to be close to you always, even to the end of my days. The sun rays, the moonbeams, the ocean breeze, the whispers of the wind are nothing compared to how my heart beats loudly for you.

72. With you in my life, there’s always dawn to look forward to. Happy Valentine’s Day to my endless love.

73. There is no point getting you flowers today, because, you my beloved, is fairest than all roses. Happy Roses Day my everything.

74. I am so happy I found you. you shine brighter than all the stars combined. Can you please love me as I always love you? Make me happy today. Happy Valentine’s Day

75. To my dream come true, to my soulmate, to my heartbeat, to my truest love, to my everything, to my life, to my most beautiful, to the one that brightens my day, to the one I can’t get enough of, to the most important one in my life, to the one I always think of, to the passion of me, to my better half, to my cute Barbie….. I say Happy Valentine’s Day!!!.

76. Thanks for being my unique friend. thanks for being there when I needed you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

77. Friends are angels sent by God. You are my friend, my angel. I appreciate you now and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!.

78. We don’t have a date tonight? So what? Let’s go out and share big hugs around. That’s what friends are!!! its Valentine’s Day!

79. I’m in love with you, nothing will ever change that. Start getting used to it. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.

80. The best time to love you is now. When I’m strong when I can see temptations and move my eyes, when I can express the deep things I feel, when I can care for you completely. Accept me, my love, let this day be a mark of Love for us. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

Romantic Valentine Messages for Husband

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81. Every moment spent with you so far has been awesome. I can’t love you less than I always have. You are my sunshine, my sea waves, my moonbeams, my heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely.

82. My love for you is so real that everything else seems meaningless. My love for you is so strong that it keeps me running daily. This love intoxicates me always. Happy Valentine’s Day my darling.

83. The gaze from my eyes, the words from my mouth, the air that I breathe, the beat of my heart a echoes a song ‘I Love You Now And Always’ Happy Love’s Day baby.

Romantic Valentine Messages for the one I love

When in a romantic relationship, it is extremely important to water the love lest it dies. If left for long without care, just like a plant left without a care on barren ground, the relationship will wither. Nobody wants a relationship that they cherish to wither. That is why relationships should be maintained. They should be looked after just like a plant.

Valentine is around the corner. The day we celebrate our lovers!! It’s exciting because lovers get to reinstate their never-ending commitments to each other. Valentine’s day is widely celebrated on February 14th of every year. All over the world, lovers will gush over and about each other. Gifts will be shared, love will be on abundance! Exciting!! So, let’s do a quick history and definition of Valentine!

Background of valentine according to TimeAndDate:

“There are a number of Saints called Valentine who are honored on February 14. The day became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages in England. This may have followed on from the Pagan fertility festivals that were held all over Europe as the winter came to an end. Traditionally, lovers exchanged handwritten notes. Commercial cards became available in the mid-nineteenth century.”

So, let’s dive into the romantic valentine messages you can send to the one you love:

1. Happy Valentine my honey! I love you so, so much Sweetie! It’s Valentine today love. Let’s celebrate our love. Let’s give way to more love between us. Always be the caramel topping on my ice cream. Happy Valentine my Honey.

2. Happy Valentine!! Oh my God, like I am so excited right now. Today is a day millions and billions of lovers all over the world will be sending tons and tons and tons of messages, gifts, and kisses to their significant others. Let’s join in the fun too! Let’s celebrate each other!

3. Happy Valentine and Love’s day, Popcorn! I cherish you more than gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. The precious stones are precious because they cost a lot of money. But you are precious to me because I can not do without you.

4. Happy Valentine Sugar! Let’s keep having fun! Let us keep making memories! Let us keep conquering territories together. I am in this journey of life with you Hun. I am not going anywhere. I am sticking with you through it all.

5. Happy Valentine My apple! Yes, you are the apple of my eyes. I just can’t help but love you, dear. You are the sweetest, dearest and most caring person I have ever known. I don’t want to lose you. Ever. And I won’t let you go for anything in the world.

6. Happy Valentine!!!! I hope you’re excited about what today will bring! As we mark today’s valentine day again this year, may we continue to know happiness, perfect peace and complete love. That is all we can ever ask for. For in a peaceful mind is everything calm and serene…

7. Happy Val’s day!! Love, I will always love you with everything that I have. I will, I promise. I will never leave you. I love you to the moon and back. You put my love on top Baby… So much on top.

8. Hello Pumpkin! It’s Valentine! It’s the season of love. Let’s celebrate our love today. I still keep saying anytime and any day that God created you perfectly. You are the perfect embodiment of beauty. Your beauty is amazingly both of the mind and of the flesh. I love you with all of my being.

9. If I have to make just a wish this Valentine day, it will be that our love be stronger than ever.. Because our love is really the most important thing. Happy Valentine my Damsel.

10. Valentine. A season of love and affection. A new oil is lubricating our love. A new way for us to love beyond words.

11. It’s Valentine baby! Behold all things have become new! My heart beats for you anew. My love for you is renewed. Our love life is sure of taking a new shape. Happy Valentine once again!

12. Be ready to entertain more pleasant friends and visitors than you planned for in your life this month. Every good thing you ever wished is coming to you in multiples! Happy Valentine Love!

13. You asked for Peace, but Joy and peace will be given to you. You wished for prosperity but sound health will be added along with it. You thirst for love and here I am to give you all the love in the world. Happy Valentine My sugar.

14. Three things I wish to continue doing for you. To love you more, to love you much more and to love you much more!! Until all of me is yours. Happy Valentine, Baby.

15. Love is like a seed. Let’s keep watering our own seed of love lest it dies, our seed of love will be watered and taken care of and eventually produce lovely fruits. Happy Valentine Sweetheart.

16. This is February love! The month of love! My love for you increases each and every time! More than I can help it, I love you. I love you so dearly. Happy Val’s day!

17. I wish to inform you that the love I have for you can never fade. Do you know that? It will keep blossoming in my heart. And I know that the love you have for me as well will keep getting enormous. Happy Val my love.

18. As long as the earth keeps rotating days of celebration over and over to us. My love for you will remain. I love you forever and a day more. Happy Valentine! Honey pot…

19. A new dawn is here. A new hope is given to us. A new heart is saying ‘I love you anew. Because today is Val’s day. Happy Val love! Keep basking in the glory of our Lord. Let’s keep celebrating!

20. I am always happy whenever I remember your face. You mean the whole world to me. I wouldn’t exchange you for anything in the universe. Just thought to say, Happy Val’s day, Honey.

21. Today is Val’s day all over the world. Even though the world celebrates couples today, you and I know that we always celebrate our love even when there is no Valentine. Happy Valentine Sweetie!

22. You’re always in every of my thoughts and this is another Valentine to prove it. Happy Valentine to you, sweet.

23. I wish you were a movie, so I’d watch you over again this Valentine. I just can’t get enough of you. I love you.

24. To love you the more is my new job after today’s Valentine and I pledge to be faithful to it throughout. Happy Valentine, my sweetheart.

25. Happy Valentine to the one with the cutest smile ever. I love you. Kisses.

26. If I’ll be asked to describe your worth this day, I’ll simply say, Incalculable and immeasurable. Happy Valentine, my love.

27. The least of what you do brings untold joy into my life on a daily basis. I love you for it all. Happy Valentine from me to you.

28. This Val’s day, I promise to love you deeper than I have ever been. I will love you more excellently and treat you more rightly. Happy valentine to you!

29. We are good together. Yes, we are a perfect match. Our love will grow stronger and stronger because we meant to be. Happy Valentine to my lovely pumpkin! Kisses.

30. As February 14 rolls in automatically, so does my love for you increase. I’m not trying to love you more. It just happens. Happy Valentine to you, my heart.

Romantic Valentine Messages for fiancee

1. Val’s day gives us the time of the year we are in. But your smile tells me the height of love you have for me. It’s Valentine again. Never stop smiling. Happy Valentine!!

2. Every of your thoughts makes us better. Every step you take brings us closer. That’s how I know we’ll be closer as you and I celebrate this Valentine. Happy Valentine dear.

3. I wish to love you more than I do. God saw my heart and brought us into this new season together. So now I will love you more. Happy Valentine, my love.

4. Let us do this. Let us love undoubtedly. Care endlessly. Smile genuinely. And walk hand in hand as we launch into this new phase of our love. Happy Valentine, Honey.

5. I thought nothing could change my love for you, but I was wrong. Many things have changed my love from little to overflow. It’s never stopped running over. Happy Valentine, my love.

6. I notice my love for you increases by the day. That’s why I’m glad. For I’m certain this day will spike it to an unimaginable height. Happy Valentine, my desire.

7. My heart rejoices in the fact that you are with me. It doesn’t matter how it looks… We are both stepping into this new phase of our relationship together. Happy Valentine sweetie.

8. What else could have dug a well of gladness in my heart if not that you and I made it to see another season of Valentine. Here is a new chance to love afresh. Welcome to a new phase of our love life Honey. Happy Valentine to My Sweetheart, I Love You.

9. I’ve struggled to tell you how much you mean to me for long, but today being a day of celebration for couples, I will tell you! I love you so much. Happy Valentine, dear.

10. Here comes this present festive day to tell you how much your love means to me. Happy Valentine sweetheart!

11. Even if I’m quick to say I love you, always know that words can’t just help me enough to express how much I love you. Happy Valentine, my heart.

12. Like ever before, I am looking forward to another round of endless merriment in this season and that’s because I have you with me. Happy Valentine, Dearie.

13. Since you’ve not cease to be all that I need every blessed day, I see waking up every day of this season with unparalleled appreciation to you. Happy Valentine, my love.

14. Obviously, I’m set for another dose of untold care this season. And I’ll not be ungrateful to you. Happier valentine to us.

15. You’ve loved my all, even my perfect imperfections and it’s worth it if I say thank you throughout this whole year. Happy Valentine dear, I love you.

16. All over again, I’m giving my all to you, I’m being the best you would ever want in a lover. Happy Valentine to you pumpkin!

17. I’ve come to let you know that my life has taken the best of shape since I met you. Happy Valentine to you, sweetheart.

18. I see you in every step of the way. I see you in every move I make. You are my essence and I love you for who you are. Happy Valentine from me to you.

19. May this Valentine usher in an era of success, peace, and love for you and me. Happy Valentine, my sweetheart.

20. You’ve given me so much that I can thank you for all my life and you keep giving me more that will add more and more to my indebtedness. Happy Valentine to you.

21. The more we grow, the more I find it harder to express my heart to you. You’re all I ever wanted! Happy Valentine to us.

22. Every single day brings me closer to your heart and I can’t wait to have you as mine finally. Happy Valentine to you, my love.

23. I keep on loving you because you always give me reasons to love you more. Happy Valentine to you. I love you so much.

Valentine messages for friends

24. I have always had a great time with you guys, today is another opportunity to have fun together. Happy Valentine.

25. Hello friend, it is another valentine. Who will be my Val? I want someone to spend money on me today. Happy Valentine.

26. I am using this prospect to wish all my friends success in their relationships. Happy Valentine. Enjoy with your girlfriends.

27. It is a great panorama to have you guys as friends. Your company is full of intellects, I am so glad to have you guys in my life. Happy Valentine.

28. I have the vision to fulfill but was hard until I met you guys and the whole story changed. Happy Valentine to great guys out there.

29. Happy Valentine to my wonderful squad. I miss you guys this holiday. Until we meet again. Wishing you good health.

30. My friends are my home and family. We are so used to each other that we can’t just be where we are today. Happy Valentine.

31. You guys have always been the best of friends. I will always be grateful to you. You are more than wonderful. Happy Valentine.

32. Wonderful faces, beautiful voices and the most interesting companies ever. I wish you all the best. Happy Valentine.

33. I am always happy because anytime I see all of you, it is like I have seen my immediate family. I love you guys.

34. How are you coping with your Val there? Hope they are cooperating? My Val is a superstar because he is my boyfriend.

35. Cheer your loved ones up today. Share flowers and gift as a sign of the sweet love that exists between you. Happy Valentine friends.

36. Those noises we made are still in my memory; I can’t wait for the school to resume so that we can resume our fun once again. Happy Valentine.

37. School is sweet but love is sweeter. I am right here in my corner enjoying with my Val. I hope you guys will join us soon?

38. Thank God we are free today, we can still go out to enjoy the beach. Today is cool let make it hot with enjoyment.

39. I just want to make sure that I reach out to you this wonderful season. I am glad I have you guys as my friends. Happy Valentine.

40. We have been together since these years and your presence changed lots of things about me. Happy Valentine to my pals.

41. Your styles are rare in this territory, no other pals like you. You are the greatest boys in town and thank God I am part of the family. Happy Valentine.

42. Let’s share some love with our family, we are friends and friends have three things in common, love, caring and fight. Happy Valentine.

43. It is another valentine day, this one is going to be special because I am going to spoil everybody with enjoyment.

44. I am so excited today. Friends come and celebrate this love day with me. I have a lot of package for everyone that attend my party.

45. Issue money and get some spending. A friend is for each other. Let us enjoy this world together as one mighty family.

46. Happiness is when you find friends that are always ready to take care of you. I just want to wish you a happy valentine. More of it to share.

47. Thank you all for being the pillars I can lean upon when I need to rest. Over the years you have always been there for me. Happy Valentine.

48. Wishing you an amazing moment in this uncommon season in the year. Take good care of your spouse until we meet again.

49. Some people used to believe that a common rat can scatter the gathering of women but when I met you guys, I see men in women. Happy Valentine.

50. It is common to have fun with friends, that’s real entertainment. I am so sad that I will be bored this year. Happy Valentine.

51. I am thinking of us doing some get together so that we can find a way to improve more like friends and one family. Happy Valentine.

52. Thank God for this wonderful moment in this world. It has always been the joy of friends to have fun together. Happy Valentine.

53. Your company is the best ever. I can’t deny this fact at all. Let’s have a great time together this holiday. I will be expecting everyone in my home.

54. Hello friends, I have a big party tonight. Come and celebrate with me and then I will make you smile and enjoy yourself with my father’s wealth.

55. Just as you all know, valentine day is my favorite. I have organized a big surprise for everyone this year. Come and taste the joy of a lovely day.

56. The wing that a man needs to fly faster and higher in life is a company of good friends. Happy valentine day to my good cronies.

57. You gave this new life to me since the day I joined your squad. It was said by the wise people that a child will be righteous only when he keeps a good companionship.

58. Valentine for good people. Good people for good fellowship and good fellowship for great enjoyment. Happy valentine day to my friends.

59. I just want to shout out to my friend’s for always been there for me. I also want to use this chance to say happy valentine.

60. I don’t have many roses in my home but the fragrance of good friends that surround me is enough to make me happy. Happy Valentine friends.

61. I have always wanted to be in your group because you guys are one of the best in town. Anyway, it is Valentine. Let’s celebrate our love.

62. Just like a pole, you guys have always stood by my side. Today, everyone is out for fun and then I feel like we should have fun together in my house. Happy Valentine.

63. Whenever I look at houses around me, I realize that they can’t accommodate me as you do. You guys are so kind that I wonder what planet you came from.

64. The most important thing is to find a good company, then when the time for fun comes, let us celebrate together as one family.

65. A happy family is not only found in homes, but it can also be found among good friends. You guys are part of a huge family. Happy Valentine.

66. As we celebrate the day of joy and gifting, we hope to see once again after the whole holiday. It is my pleasure to say happy valentine to you all.

67. I don’t know why I am always happy around you guys. You are one of the most entertaining people in this world. Happy Valentine.

68. With love and caring, we can live together to achieve a better tomorrow. Let us always be patient with each other and then we will reach the promised land as good friends. Happy Valentine.

69. I just want to make this big shout out to my loved ones. I wish every one of you all the best in this wonderful spell of love.

70. My special thanks go to my good friends. May you all be included among the most successful people as you celebrate this holiday with your family?

71. Having good friends is one thing and having fun is another thing entirely. I have always had the best of funs with my beloved friends.

72. Thank God for the gift of a good company that changed my life financially. Thank God for the precious time shared with you. Happy Valentine.

73. With your companionship, this life will always be a better place to live. Your jokes, advice, love, and care will never leave my memory. Happy Valentine.

74. My well-wishers, hope you all are fine? You are fantastic, lovely, nice, caring, and above all the most beautiful faces ever seen. Happy Valentine.

75. Good to meet you guys in this gentle world. You made your world gentle and it what I’m referring to as temperate. Happy Valentine.

76. After hustles and stress, what next are fun and fun and fun? Have a great time with your wife and children. I miss you all.

77. I am wishing each one of you a good year ahead. As we celebrate this year’s Valentine, may you find more love with your spouses?

78. I want to personality wish all my friends the best of this season. May your love life be enhanced for you; may you not lose your marriage in any way.

79. May the Lord protect each of your marriages against divorce; may you continue to live in peace and love with your spouse.

Great Happy Valentine Messages to friends

80. Happy Valentine friends. Have an outstanding love sharing with your partners. I love you all.

81. We are happy with each other because we allow love to flow between us. I have this day for each one of you as a special opportunity to show more love to your loved ones.

82. Thank God for your life, you are alive to share the love with your companions. I wish you all the best moment in life to celebrate this Valentine.

83. We have different choices in life. I decide to choose you guys as my friends because you worth it. Happy lovely day.

84. Hurray, it is another season of love. You are expected to take your loved ones to the best of places to have some fun together. Happy Valentine.

85. Let’s party to show one love that exists between us. Let’s take advantage of this season to show love to those that are close to our heart.

86. I will be sending each of you a warm hug for always been good to me. I miss your voices and faces. Especially of weekend outing. Enjoy your holidays.

87. I want to say thank you all for being good to me. I love you all and wish you the best of achievement as you welcome this season.

88. Appreciation is always the best thing to do; I am so happy that every one of you is alive to witness another valentine day.

89. As the year is still in its virgin stage, I pray that your dreams shall come to pass. You shall live to welcome more valentine day.

90. To the best of friends ever met, today we are celebrating Saint Valentine day, may the true love that flows on this day reach our homes.

91. Many will lose their virginity today all in the name of love. My advice for you guys is that you should remain tight until you are ready. Happy Valentine.

92. I love to smile it out especially for my friends to see my white teeth. Always show love to those around you and emulate Saint Valentine in caring.

93. Superstars are the good friends who are always with you, having fun along with you. They are those God sent angels that rescue you when you are down. Happy Valentine.

94. Friends fight, friends settle. They are always happy with each other and sometimes they have fun that keeps their hearts warm. Happy Valentine.

95. Happy valentine day to those that really matter in my life, they have been the wind that flies me around the world.

96. Your support and friendship have been the best option for me. I can’t just stop thinking about you all. Happy Valentine.

97. Wishing you all the best in this world. May you find rest of mind in anything you are doing; I just want to say, happy valentine.

98. Great friends, hope you all are fine? Happy Valentine to the world’s most beautiful people. I wish every one of you all the best in this world. Happy Valentine.

99. I just want to extend my lovely heartfelt joy to my good friends. Enjoy the spirit of this new season with your kindred.

100. Take care and be happy with your environment. Things may be hard for now but the love in the air today can suffice us. Happy Valentine.

101. Every single moment of my day is specially made beautiful by your presence and calls of caring. Happy valentine day you all.

102. I want to appreciate your friendship for it is one of the most important experiences in my life. Thank for the love of a big family. Happy valentine day.

103. Enjoy this valentine day to the fullest and make the best out of it. You are always the best squad I admire most. Have a nice time with your goons.

Best Valentine Messages for Boyfriend

Facebook Celebrity Shares Her Inspiring Valentine Story

1. Dear boyfriend, I want to be your Valentine this year, so that I can show you how much you mean for me. You are my super heartfelt love, and this has always been so since the day I set my eyes on you.

2. You know you are cute, so enjoy this Valentine day in the cutest way. I am lucky because celebrating a great day with a great person is one of the most interesting experiences in the world. I love you so much.

3. I love your bright face, it is one of the most precious things in this world, you are so special, nice and above all, the most amazing guy ever found this year. I will be right with you as soon as possible. Happy Valentine’s day.

4. I hope you have a surprise for me this Valentine day, I chose you as my Valentine so be prepared to be my superhero. You are such an angelic boyfriend. Your support for me has no measure, thanks for always been there for me. I love you.

5. We have no clue about what will happen to us in the next one second, so I am using this opportunity to let you know that I so much love you. You are the best for me. I wish you the best on this wonderful day.

6. Your handsome face is very powerful, it is something I cannot possibly forget all my life. You are simply the most amazing person that pleases my heart the most. You are special, you are cute, lovely and the best ever met. I love you.

7. Look at your damsel’s eyes, so cute that I cannot even resist it. You are so cute, nice, special and the most beloved. I love you like never before. You are the best for me. Thanks for everything. I wish you the best.

8. It is my pleasure to have met you in this special world. You are the one for me, the second half of my life. You are my eagle, and it is the reason why I will never forget you until the end of time. I love you, darling.

9. Thinking of you is my joy, pleasure and above all, the most amazing feeling ever had for a man. Don’t forget you are my pearl, this is the reason why I am ready to make you happy this Valentine day. I love you.

10. I have always wanted to be your love forever. You are the most amazing person ever met in life. You are my heartbeat, the true love of my life. Thanks for being there for me. Valentine day in love with you.

Happy Valentine Messages for Boyfriend

Nigerian Lady Pens Inspiring Valentine Love Letter To Her Boo

11. Happy to cheer you up on this colorful day. You are a bright lady, the most interesting person in the world. Thinking of you is a diamond. I wish you the best on this wonderful day. Thank you so much.

12. You are the most beloved person in this world for me, I hope that you find peace in this world as you wish. Thank you so much for showing love to me, and I also want to appreciate you for this precious day in the life. I wish all the best

13. I have always wanted long before you proposed to me. Little time I spent with you has made me a fallen in love with you. You will always be the most favorite person in my life as long as I am concerned. Happy Valentine.

14. You will never regret everything you are doing in this world. You will be blessed above all your colleagues. Have the best fun on this day. I pray for all the best for you. Happy Valentine to a sweet lovely boyfriend.

15. Do you know how much I have given my heart to you? This is the reason why I can’t wait to be your companion on this day. Take good care of yourself I wish you all the best. I appreciate your efforts in all you do.

16. Truly, my heart beats for your in seconds, it cannot change again because I am totally addicted to you. You are now my second nature. I cannot do without thinking of all the moments we have shared together. I love you with all my heart and pray that you find peace and harmony in your heart this season.

17. Thanks so much, You have always shown that you are worthy of being loved with sincerity. You are such an amazing boyfriend, you mean the world to me. Happy Valentine. I want to see you cheer this day.

18. Do you know how much you have changed my life since the day you came into my world? In no time, I will find everything to make you happy, I will try all my best to be the one you cherish the most Thanks for your endless love. I really love you.

19. I don’t know how to make you know that today is dedicated to you alone, I am shy to let you know that you have taken over my heart with the fire of your love. I love you so much. I wish you all the best.

20. Thank God for what you have done in my life, may you find rest of mind in whatever you do from this day henceforth. I wish you a belated Valentine day. I pray that your success story begins now. I love you. Happy Valentine wishes for boyfriend

21. To wish you good on this holiday is not bad, it is the sign of the true love of have for you. I wish you all the best on this Valentine day. Thank you for your true love for me. You are the best for me. May you find endless peace in your heart.

22. Thank God for always being the kind of man pray for, I can’t wait to see us getting married at any time. You are the man I wish to go get married to. Loving you is the most trending matter on my mind for now. Happy Valentine.

23. I am wishing you lots of success on this great day May the Lord continue to bless you in such a way that you will be shocked. You will always grow in your business. I heart you so much. Happy Valentine sweet love.

24. When I said you are cute, it is no joke at all, it is because you are one of the most handsome people in the ever set foot on this earth. You are superb, a great guy with lots of visions. I wish you good luck in the end. Happy Valentine.

25. You will not regret your actions and decisions in life. The Lord will continue to bless you now and forever. Thanks for being there for me. You are my life, my joy and the role model of look up to. I will always love you no matter what. I wish you a great holiday. Have the best Valentine experience this year.

26. Wishing you a happy Valentine day, I call upon you to show some love to those around you with the little you have. Never look at your worth has been low, set good standards for yourself and see you grow in life. Happy Valentine.

27. This your powerful smile will not finally set me ablaze. I can’t Just resist your look at all. I love you truly and hope to see you soon for an awesome Valentine outing. Happy Valentine Day.

28. May you find peace and harmony on this special day. I love you, hoping to have the best or funs with you this weekend. I wish you a great Valentine. You are so sweet. Happy Valentine Day to you.

29. Wishing you the best of luck on this gorgeous day. Truly, there is no day best to tell you how I love you like today. I am really crazy about you. You are my friend, the most interesting person ever met in this world. I love you.

30. You don’t even know how I adore you. You are my life, the sweetest friend in this world. I wish you the awesome love that will never end. I love you hoping that you will take good care of yourself. Happy Valentine Day my heart.

Cute Romantic Valentine Messages for Boyfriend


31. I want you all the time, if you agree to be mine, it will not stop me from loving you more. I am waiting for you, think of you seriously. I can’t wait to be your girl. You are my Valentine. I am wishing you the sweetest moments today.

32. Thank God for your love for me, you are such sweet lollipop, the taste of your lips is the best ever tasted.

33. The way you make me feel is the most beautiful experience so far. You just have to know that I love you like never before. This Valentine Day is special for you and me, and I will give you all the attention you need today.

34. Don’t Be sad, today is Valentine day, you will surely enjoy my stay in your life, you are cute, nice, lovely and above all the most precious person I can trust the most. Happy Valentine to you. May you understand how much I want you today.

35. I am still thinking about how possible it is to do without you. Truly, you are just the best lady in my life. I love you so much.

36. I guess you don’t know the depth of my feelings for you. Indeed, if you look into the ocean, you can see the root of the love I have for you. I need you here baby. I wish you are already with me right away. Happy Valentine.

37. Whatever it takes to show you the real meaning of my love for you, I am sure you will be the happiest on earth. Believe me, I can’t deceive you about what is not on my mind. As we celebrate the day, I still want you to know that you are the very reason why I’m out for a celebration. Happy Valentine day.

38. When there is no love, there no comfort. It is when I met you that everything about me began to be fine. I am no longer scared. You are my number guy here, believe me, I have no other guy but you and I shall prove that to you today. Happy Valentine to my great friend, you are my pearl, the man I desire the most

39. Maybe many don’t know we were meant to be, they misunderstood my unconditional love for you as madness, I never mind since you are comfortable with me. You are my beloved wife and there is no doubt about this. I love you.

40. I don’t know how to control the wave of lovebirds have for you. My heart is almost failing because I fell in love with an awesome guy. I love you, and there is no way I can deny this fact. You belong to me, and only me alone.

41. Any day that goes by, it is obvious I discover new thing about your sincere love. Anytime you hold my hand, I tremble, waiting for the coolest dream ever. I love you like a crazy monkey. I don’t know, you are free to call me a drunken lover.

42. Love has blinded my brain, the first time in human history. I hope I will recover but the truth is that it is impossible for me to recover from what I love. I need you today more than any other day.

43. To the most beloved boyfriend I wish you the sweetest moment in this world, thank you for the entire love shown to me. Thank you, I didn’t make the mistake of loving you. It was my choice. This means I know what I’m doing. I love sane people.

44. The truth is that each day I love you more. It gives me a great feeling to know that you are supernaturally made for me. You are cute, sweet and beloved to me. I love you.

45. Sweet Lily, you know I adore you so much. No wonder I can’t do without thinking about you all the time. I love you, and it is best for you and me.

46. To make you happy is always my priority, I can’t see you sad at all. Wishing you all the best. You are more than special to me.

47. You make me happy all my life. You wiped my tears away when I needed you most. When everyone ran away from me, you were the only one that stood by my side. I love you.

48. I thought I will not have you because you are more than special. You are blessed. Thanks for your true love for me.

49. You are amazing happy Valentine, you are the most beloved Val today. I can’t wait to hug you more.

50. Life without you is one of the most difficult moments ever experienced. It didn’t occur to me that I will fall in love with you.

So there they are! Beautiful Romantic Valentine messages to send to your special someone. Make them feel loved on Valentine’s day. Share the love!

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