The Love Consultant free advice online – One of the major reasons why this platform was created was to provide love consulting to help solve love and relationship issues.

The Love consultant meaning

Love problems arise in relationships due to the fact that love relationships are getting more complicated.Whether you are on the look out love relationship consultant, love consultant free advice online, love consultancy services, free online love counselling, love counselling advice, private relationship advice, free relationship expert advice, we are here for you. Whether you need love consulting in Nigeria, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, China or even anywhere in the world. We’ve got you just as you’ve got us. The love consultants are here for you!

A lot of love birds believe they do not need love problem advice until they find themselves in situations where they definitely can not deal and therefore they are on the look out for the best advice for love.

A lot of people are actually lost in this world where love relationships are beginning to get complicated instead of simple. You’ve got issues, why not ask Dee and his team of love consultants dedicated to answering questions and finding solutions to psychological issues that arise from romance, dating and relationships.

The world has moved away from finding friends, meeting with singles and connecting in love to online dating and matchmaking. Therefore, it is important to ask questions online and offline to determine certain love languages and to quickly find solutions to issues based on complications arising from love.

We offer two services on the blog: The love consultant free advice online and the gold or dedicated love consulting.

1. The love consultant free advice online

We offer advice on love for free. Since we have started receiving volumes of emails requesting for help based on love affairs for free, it may be impossible for us to respond to all questions. We are currently working hard to ensure that we attempt at least to attend to all questions on first come, first serve basis, and we will also try to post these letters on the blog (based on the consent of the writer) with the anonymity clause triggered ( All senders will remain anonymous).

We have responded to a lot of relationship questions via email, and these you can find here, here and here amongst others.

Please take NOTE of the following when sending your email on the love consultant free advice online:

1. Write simply and legibly. Our language is English so we would expect all email correspondence to be in English language. Please do not write your email in CAPITAL LETTER. Sentence case will do, but not UPPER case.

2. We make conscious efforts to ensure that our content is understandable and readable, please help us from your end as well to make sure all punctuation marks are where they should be.

3. A lot of people may not know how to write so legibly in English, at least you can try to make understand your language so that it can be clear and readable at first glance.

4. Our love consultant free advice online will make all necessary attempt to serve every emails received within due time. Just in case we have not responded to your email. Keep calm and we will respond in due time.

5. Confidentiality is our watchword. We will publish your email but will make necessary efforts to make sure you remain anonymous. ( If you wish us to leave your name open, we can do that as well)

6. This platform is strictly for our free online love counselling advice. Be reminded that all emails should be related to questions asked in line with what this platform is about. We will delete all emails that are made in languages we don’t understand or any email that does not correspond to the purpose of this love consultancy services. Please take NOTE!

7 You can reach out to us for free love consulting here.

2. The gold consulting:

If you are currently in need for a prompt response from us (within 48 hours of sending your mail), for a solution to your love, dating and relationship issues then the GOLD consulting is just for you. The GOLD consulting offers you the very best of expert love and relationship consulting service online.

Our team of psychologists will provide a very professional response to your relationship issues within 48 hours of receipt of your request. For this service, we currently charge US$10 at the moment.

To help us understand you better, the following should be noted:

1. Let your email be very detailed straight to the point and very clear. You can write as much as you can provided it is in clear English and very understandable.

2. Please be patient with us to wait for 48 hours as we may have loads of pending requests on our list. Trust us when we say we will not exceed 48 hours in responding to your email.

3. You can reach out to us for dedicated love consultancy services by sending an email to

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2 Responses

  1. Wendy

    Hello. It was 2 months ago me and my boyfriend started to have smalls fights about non communication and I demanded time from him. When we fight we always went silence and become cold. He is 36 years old (6 years older than me) with professional career. He is quite introvert and I am more extrovert. One day I told him I need time to think and did not go meet him. Then after 2 days I called and tell him that I am ready to talk but he suddenly said he needed time to think too.

    My boyfriend decided to have a break. First I gave him space for a week.

    Day 7:
    I apologized and gave him gifts (handmade card with pictures) to say I know what went wrong and I am willing to change. He said he still don’t know what he wanted and need more time.
    Day 8-28:
    During this time I am always the one who initiated the conversation via message. He stop calling but always pick up my call which is one time a day. I asked to meet him 1-2 times a week and he agreed. We talked about other stuffs but sometimes I ended up asking him what is our status now and told him that I learnt from my mistakes and still love him. He got upset when I brought up this issue so I stopped.

    Day 30: Climax
    I started to read your Book and tried the seed Letter. He responded well by calling me many times and send me text messages about how I have been significant to his life and asked me not to leave his life. The next day he called before he wenta broad for 10 days but I didn’t pick up so he send text message saying it’s not fair that I don’t pick up since he always pick up and come see me and despite where we are now it doesn’t mean that we have to depart from each other. Next morening I replied that I didn’t hear his called and wish him a happy journey. He didn’t reply. So I started no contact during his trip for 10 days he didn’t contact me.

    After 10 days I called him. We updated each other about our life for almost 30 mins. Then he texted me to enjoy my dinner. After that I started the re-connecting text. No drama. Compliment him. Bring up memories text. He replied sometime neutral, sometimes negative and we meet once in every 7-10 days. (He normally goes abroad for working 2-3 days a week).

    Then I started to text him regular. No drama. Just to encourage and support him. sometimes funny stuffs but he remained neutral to my text. I send him food and snack to his office and he said he was grateful. I asked to meet him once a week but somehow I feel that he become more distant.

    Now it’s almost 3 months and I am still in pain. I want to ask him about our status but I don’t feel positive from him much so I am afraid that his answer will hurt me.
    Should I keep continue sending him encouragement text to stay in his life until he feels comfortable?

    Please help!

    Thank you somuch

  2. Fatima

    Wendy can I advice you am just 22, but I was bless as a love consultant too, here’s my number 08071717733 call for some advice .


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