What has gotten over him? What is he doing in public with his personal assistant? Richard quickly let go of Nicky as he thought of the press.

They would soon take pictures of them and publish it.

Seeing how embarrassed Nicky was, he cursed
what prompted him to do what he just did.

With what just happened they can’t possibly continue the party so he took her hand and led her out of the party.

He opened the car for her and she got in. Nicky had not pulled herself together concerning what just happened as she kept doubting the
reality of the kiss.

Richard got into the driver’s seat and noticed she was still embarrassed. He quickly turned to her “see Nicky, I’m very sorry for what just happened. I never meant to do that” he pleaded with her for the first time.

“It’s okay I understand,” she said without
thinking straight.


It was a Saturday morning, Richard’s phone rang, it was doctor Mark calling.

The doctor asked him to come to the hospital

Due to the urgency of the situation, Richard decided not to wait for Nicky to report to work before he left.

“Richard I must say that your mother’s condition has improved these few days and the credit had to be given to the particular lady you sent here” the doctor said.
“The lady I sent here?” Richard surprisingly asked.


“Which lady?”

“I thought you know who she is. She comes here
on behalf of you” the doctor confusingly said.

“She comes here? On behalf of me?”

“Yes, are you surprised?”

“Of course, I am because I never told anyone
about my mother and I never sent anyone here”

“Then that means she tricked us by using your name to gain entrance. Anyway, she didn’t mean any harm. She is a good and gentle person and to crown it all, she is fun to be with and that’s the reason why your mother has recovered this far.”

Richard did not need someone to tell him that the lady was Nicky because she is the only one who could do such a thing, always daring and defiling him!

“How could she come here without my knowledge?” He asked getting angry.

“Please calm down Richard, don’t be upset, I believe you know who she is. You can settle it amicably with her. Just take it easy with her even though what she did was wrong. And again, I’m so sorry for our incompetence, we were also at fault, we should have informed you earlier” the doctor pleaded.

“It’s okay doctor, thank you I will see you later,” Richard said as he turned to leave.

“Where are you going to? Are you not going to see your mother”

“I will come back in the evening I have to rush somewhere now,” Richard said trying to sound polite as he left the doctor. He was so angry about the information he just got.

How could she do such a thing? getting herself involved with my family member? She has been visiting his mother and still playing dumb all this while? She had known his mother was mentally sick and still pretended knowing nothing.

It pained him so much that he angrily got into his car and drove to Nicky’s place.

On hearing the halt of a car, Nicky peeped through the window and smiled to herself.

She was so excited about seeing him. Is he here to pick me up? That’s so nice of him. But why is she recently so excited on seeing him? Of course, she can’t be falling for him, she thought. She quickly went to the door without waiting for him to knock.

Richard brought up his hand to hit the door before him but the door opened without him touching it.

“Hi” Nicky said looking at him with a smile on her face.

He was trying hard to control his anger as he passed by her into the house. Nicky quickly got the message that he was extremely angry by the look on his face. She knew how crazy he can be whenever he gets angry so she kept her distance from him. The last time she saw him in that mood was years back when they were still in school.

“Richard what is it?” She calmly asked.

“Don’t you ever Richard me again. Apart from being a lunatic I never knew you were deceitful, a pretender” he shouted at her.

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?” She confusingly asked.

“Don’t act as if you don’t know what you did” He roared.

“What did I do?” She asked spreading her palms. “Your pretense will make me lose my temper and if I do, you will regret ever knowing me in your entire life. You would regret ever having anything to do with me” he thundered.

“But I can’t remember offending you in any way, Richard,” she said trying to hold back the tears in her eyes.

“Why did you go to that hospital?”

“Oh is that why you are this angry?”

I’m not here to entertain your questions just answer me this minute, why did you go there? The fact that you work with me does not give you the right to mingle with my family. You
went behind and started a research about me, right? Then you discovered my mother is mentally sick and you went there to do what?

Who asked you to go there? Who told you I needed your pity? After your discoveries you didn’t even want to tell me or ask me about my mother, instead you kept it to yourself thinking I
wouldn’t find out after using my name “.

“Richard please you have to listen to me so I…”

“Listen to you for what? to hear your nonsense explanation?”

“Just listen please”

“You’re crazy”

“Let me explain, please listen to me”

“Who knows what you went there to do and just used my mother as an excuse”

“Stop it Richard” she shouted as tears started flowing down her cheeks.

“I don’t want pity from anyone so clearly stay away from my affairs, my mother precisely” he warned and left.

Who is wrong between the two?

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