The new week has started and you need to inspire your love for the rest of the week. The happy new week inspirational quotes and messages will just be the perfect gift for him or her.

I know that some of you are looking at for more creative ways to send your loved ones happy new week messages without having to go through the normal friendship text messages or sending the I love you so much messages and so you look out for creative happy new week inspirational quotes. Here are the happy new week inspirational quotes that you need.

Before you use these happy new week inspirational quotes, you need to be sure of what information intend to pass. Remember that the new week is always a period where one weeks to full work, or entrepreneurial activities as it is. A lot of people are also filled with huge energy from the weekend rest and gracious hope that the new week will be filled with joy and testimony

Also note that your love might have a bad weekend which may try to spill into the new week, therefore it is very important that you think the happy new week inspirational quotes and messages that you intend to share with your love. Make sure they pass the appropriate inspirational message that your partner so deserves.

To commence your new week. Let the following happy new week inspirational quotes be the success driver. Let these happy new week inspirational be the fuel that will catapult you into greatness.

Have a blissful week with our happy new week inspirational quotes and messages for you and your lover.

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Lovely happy new week inspirational quotes for your partner

Let’s start with the lovely happy new week inspirational messages that would make your lover mouth a word of prayer for you:

1 As you start your new week darling. Know that something beautiful and amazing will happen to you this week. Have the best of your week. I love you

2 Remember that we fall to rise and our glory does not go down with our fall but rises up when we rise again. Rise into your week of great goodies my love. God be with you this new week. Much love from me to you.

3 I know you woke up on the bad side today. Remember that we all have our bad days and work will not even help. BE aware that success was not built in a day. It requires hard work, true dedication and the ability to mask our bad moments to be productive. I wish you the most efficient work week this week my love. God be with you

4 Today, do one thing for me. Always move along with those friends and colleagues that makes the butterflies in your tummy fly. Stay with people that make you happy and glorious. Have a blissful new week my dear. God mercies on you.

5 Do not pretend for anyone. Be just that one true person that you. Be honest and dedicated and God will crown all your efforts with success and promotion. Happy new week my dear

6 Remember to stay happy this new so that other can catch the bug and draw happiness from you. Be happy my love. God loves happy people

7 Hey Chill! Why complaining? It is just the beginning of the new week. It is not a destruction day. Is it? Whatever happens you got me.

8 Rise and attack the day with full vigour and enthusiasm. It is your week. Go forth and conquer Love.

9 It is the beginning of your new week. Make it beautiful. I love you.

10 Don’t forget to put on your beautiful armour and be spectacular this new week. Go forth and make common sense.

Beautiful happy new week inspirational quotes of prayers for your lover

You can also send happy new week inspirational quotes and prayers to your lover. Get your lover to say ‘AMEN’ to your quotes.

11 It is the beginning of new week, be grateful, be happy be contented. God has promised to bless you. Believe it. Achieve it

12 Have a good day today and the rest of the week will be good days for you. These word is not from me but from God through me to you. have the best week ever. I love you

13 God has promised that good things will happen to those that believe and trust him. You believe in him and good things will happy to you this new week. Happy new week love.

14 Say to Monday; ‘Hey you’ I am ready! Catch me if you can. then go ahead and rock the rest of the week. God has promised us all full happiness and joy as we move on in life. Happy new week baby

15 I know you had a bad week, last week. But see the week as a stepping stone for greater days ahead. Enjoy the new week my love. God be with you

16 It’s a new week. Change your perspective and outlook to life. Whatever problem it is you are facing. It is only temporary. God has got you and he will support you every step of the way.

17 Sometimes our motivation is not enough. We all need to motivate ourselves in our minds to get the best out of our situation. I hope this happy new week inspirational quotes inspire you to inspire yourself. God be with you baby

18 Your time of celebration is near. Your moment of glory is close. Your future has started already and it is very bright. Your package has already been sent by God. All you just need to do is believe. Happy new week

19 Remember to be the difference this new week. Remember to build new platforms. Remember to set new directions. Remember to live by the will of God and he will surely bless your ways. Happy new week darling. I love you

20 This new week, you will the way David danced. You will cry tears of joy for the lord is bringing new things to you and your family. Have a blissful week ahead. Happy New week my love

Sweet happy new week inspirational quotes for your love

Make the your  happy new week inspirational quotes sweet enough to get your partner out of situations and predicaments. Be the icing on his or her cake:

21 May this new week usher in all the favour that life and love can give. May you receive your blessings this new week. May god bless you in all ramifications and may you shine forever and always. Have a blissful new week.

22 The way our life is just like that of a wet paper, We are always alone because we are wet and there is no one to really scribble a word or two on us. Whichever way it is, remember that the week that you are alone gives you the chance to iron things out on your own.  You are your inspiration before anyone else comes into the picture. Have an amazing week.

23 Do not look out on people for happiness, you need to search within yourself to find the happiness that you deserve. You do not really need anyone to make you happy. Find yourself and you find happiness. Happy new week.

24 Let the stars in your life shine and then you can decide to let it shine upon others, do not share yourself into two just because you want to please others. Own yourself and own your future. Own your week and everything will be yours for the taking. Happy new week.

25 You are looking for the change in this world? You will never find any change unless you create it. You must endeavour to create the change you want in the world. The change in the world is you. Happy new week.

26 Do you know that, the difference between who you are right now and who you intend to be is the kind of activities you invest in and what you do find yourself. Happy new week.

27 Remember that saying that goes as ‘good things come to those who wait?’ Well, this might shock you as good things don’t come to those who wait anymore. Good things comes to those who goes all out to grab all the processes and pursue all their dreams and what they aspire to be in life. Do not ever wait. Get out now and grab the opportunities that await you. Have a great week ahead.

28 Many years from now, you will be sad and disappointed in yourself for not having pursued your dreams and your goals. You will unhappy that you have allowed the situation of your environment dictate exactly what you want to do and where you want to go in your life. So get on with it now, fly the kite, jump into the ship, climb the stairs of the dream plane and explore. The time for you is NOW!

29 Believe in your dreams, ensure that your heart is open to it. When you believe in your dreams, then, there is a hope for a brighter future. When you hope for a brighter future then there is intense happiness and a feeling of exhilaration that life is worth living.

30 Do not ever wait for the storm to pass in a life like this. What you need to rain is to dance in the rain when it falls on you. That is how you can live an amazing life. Happy new week.

Cool happy new week inspiration quotes

31 Whenever you feel sad or bad, do not think over it too much just believe in your God and smile a lot. he will look down on you and turn your sadness to complete joy.

32 Don’t look for happiness in other people. Don’t go around looking for happiness in other places. Find your happiness within you and that is all you need. When you do this, you will become the most joyful person in the entire universe.

33 You can never change what happened in the previous week. You can only choose your life lessons from it. When that is done you can now focus on the future and be happy!

34 Have a fantastic, fabulous and extraordinary week ahead.

35 When you think crazy and you believe you can make crazy changes to the world, that shows you are crazy enough to change what you want to change, and you can achieve the change you need.

36 Your greatest loss in this life is not death. Your greatest loss is dieing inside when you are still alive. Do not ever lose hope when things are not going on well. Believe in yourself and try again! You are more alive than you think or know.

37 You should never wait for good things to come your way, rather you should run after it with all your might and strength, then you will get all the good things that belongs to you.

38 You want to see changes in the world? Then start by being the change yourself. No one can really change you but yourself. Work on you and then you can focus on the changing the world.

39 If not now, then when? Take control. Take charge. Happy new week.

40 Sometimes, we need good things to scatter for good things to be better. When everything seem like it is scattering, it’s not the end of the world. Your golden fleece could just be in the midst of the ruins. Re-arrange and get on with it.

Great Happy new week inspirational quotes

41 There is no elevator to success. The stairs is what you will need to climb to get to the top of the building of eminence.

42 You can never go far in life and become what you want of yourself if you fail to take responsibility for all that has befallen you and keep blaming people for what has happened to you.

43 Always learn to be yourself. Do not ever lower your standards for people. They will not like you, who cares? Set your eyes on the prize and those that will reckon with you are all that matters.

44 A lot of your friends have money yet they remain poor. They remain poor because the only item of possession for them is money.

45 When people tell you they love you, don’t believe them. But when they show you that they love you, then those are the real people you need in your life.

46 The best friends are the ones who were with you when you were up and also with you when you were down.

47 You need to risk something to succeed in life. If you don’t risk anything at all, then you risk everything.

48 Attaining success is not a walk in the park. You need to strive to attain it. Success does not come cheap, you need to make sacrifices and walk the mile.

49 Everything single thing that has happened to you is preparing you for the great moment that is on its way. The life changing and defining moment of your life.

50 No matter how many mistakes you made while trying. You are still far ahead of someone who never tried at all.

How do you see these 50 happy new inspirational quotes? Do you have more that you would like to add? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Have a great week ahead.




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